Geography Lesson – Richest man in the World to his Son

public landSo the little boy sits on his papa’s lap, once again taking a lesson from one of the top ten wealthiest people in the world.

“Papa, why is it that we cannot help all those poor people in America, when we have all this wealth and command all the political leaders of the world? Should we not do what we can?

“We do my boy, we do what we can. But your job my son, when it comes time to take the helm from me, will be to ensure our dynasty. For we are the true heirs to the kingdom of America. We have risen to this throne not because we give away our wealth to the poor, but because we keep it to manage the affairs of the world from our position of power.”

“But Papa, it seems that we could be a bit more giving.”

Son, If we give away our wealth to the poor, we cannot do them any good for we will lose our power. Do you understand why we have power son?”

“Our land?”

“Look at this multicolored map on the wall. Do you see how with every generation, we have acquired more land. Do you see how with the help of our lieutenant Lords we control over half the lands of America? Your responsibility will be to grow this land of ours and to pass it on to your sons. I will teach you the tools of how to accomplish this, but you mustn’t be confused by the needs of the many.”

“I understand Papa. For me to grow our lands, I must take from those that now have land.”

“Yes son. The masses own a small portion for their homes. We have limited them to about 3% of all the lands in America. This amount will slowly grow, but we can contain them to but a very small portion of the land through proper zoning.

They fight each other for right to build depreciating homes on small plots of land, and in so doing, they escalate its value and spend their entire life paying us back for the privilege of loaning them our capital to own it. The government owns about 30% of the land, But we aim through indebting the government to take government land in trade over time as payment for their debt. As time goes on, you will hand over more land to your child than I hand to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Papa, but how do we grow our lands?”

“Well son, that is the beauty of what the masses’ text books call Capitalism. We take our enormous reserves of currency and plant them in the garden of the business cycle. We provide our liquid capital, but not our real assets mind you, through the banking system to business and home financing endeavors during the upswing of a business cycle. We are then paid capital returns and interest during the growing season, which we revert to real assets. And at harvesting time, we collect the ripe real assets that have been plucked by business failures and home foreclosures.”

“Sounds mean Papa.”

“No my boy, you must learn that life is the survival of the fittest. Like the plains of the Serengeti, there is a hierarchy among people, and we sit atop the beasts as do the lions. Remember your role is to lead the masses, my boy.”

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