Clif Carothers

Thanks for visiting my site.  Six months ago, I awoke from a dream knowing that something was amiss in America and that I must do my part to help. America’s legs had been knocked out from under her and the folks I knew were looking around in bewilderment at what had become of their nation. In a sudden burst of thought, I knew I must go on a journey of public expression and take that wherever it might go until I reached the end of the road. I hopped on this social media highway and have since undertaken a nightly ritual to clarify issues surrounding America’s troubles, and to write my thoughts with clarity of purpose.

I truly woke from that December dream with a simple concept that all able Americans should be able to work and that full employment was best for all Americans. It was the basis of my job voucher plan. A few bloggers asked questions of my plan that led to more answers that uncovered issues that led to a greater understanding that connected interweaving thoughts to help me clarify the issues surrounding our troubles. 100 posts later, I have just begun to clarify for myself and hopefully for a few readers a greater understanding of the world’s evolvement and its effect on America’s predicament.

I want to thank all who have added to my thoughts with their posts, their insights, and their questions. Pleaase comment and let me know you are on the road with me. I have now after six months begun to add prescriptions for America and I pledge to continue blogging my incremental thoughts until the end of the road is reached. The basic economic and political building blocks that I need for my continuing journey are neatly tucked away in my mental backpack. Each night, I promise to continue pulling them out, examining them, and finding nooks and crannies of new insights to share with you.

I will continue down this road until I come to where the road juts out onto the peninsula surrounded by the great ocean of tomorrow. I will travel down this road until my writing seems like it clearly and finally rests at the edge of the sea bounded on three sides by our expansive future. Until then….

If you find my blogs enlightening, please comment and share this site with your friends, family, and political representatives.

A little about me:

 Currently, I am:

 My education came from:

  • University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School, MBA, Palmer Scholar
  • The University of Akron – BSME

 Summary of what my small business does:

Emergency response to a regional disaster involves challenges that cut across political, geographic, and operational boundaries. Too often, the processes that have been developed independently by local, state and regional teams do not provide a cohesive solution. I work with emergency management stakeholders to develop innovative, solution-driven strategies that can result in a step-change in how our nation manages patient evacuation during a disaster.

 Evacuation strategy, planning, operations, logistics, software development, communications. Emergency management solutions. Patient transport options.  Government contractor for organizations including Homeland Security, Department of Defense, State Department, Veterans Affairs, U.S. Marshals, Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Medicare, 50 state medicaid offices, and other state and local organizations

EPI-Center, Inc. is uniquely positioned to prepare for and conduct rapid response, targeted, complete evacuations of health-care facilities involving thousands of patients for the benefit of private customers, local, state and federal governments during large-scale disasters.

U.S. Air Ambulance provides patient transportation by air ambulance, airline critical care medical stretcher, airline escort, Amtrak train escort, and long distance ground ambulance. We also provide entire hospital evacuation services during a regional or national emergency. In addition, we provide large scale repatriation services to the federal government.

Previous to my current business, I was involved in international gas, electric and gas utilities, international electric generation companies and international power plant construction companies.


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  1. Hello Mr. Clif Carothers,

    I saw your LinkedIn article on emergency preparedness. I would love to interview you for FierceHealthcare if you’re available this week. FierceHealthcare has 190,000 unique monthly website readers and 55,000 e-mail subscribers. The audience is comprised of mostly healthcare executives, some clinicians, some not. I would love to speak with you about what hospitals and healthcare systems can do to prepare, especially in light of recent natural disasters. I would also appreciate any of your clients that you can put me in touch with that is in a healthcare executive position.

    My e-mail is karen[at]

    Thank you for your time!
    Karen M. Cheung

  2. The United States is really composed of a bunch of little countries. It is really neat to see how there are different rules in each state and how each of them keep order. I am surprised that there isn’t more fights between states but I think someday there will be. There is too much pride in each one for horrible things not to happen some day. It might not be a bad idea to just have one law for all states instead of them being able to make their own. Thoughts?

    • It certainly would make for faster competitive responses to world competition. In the end, America has opted for protection against tyranny with all the messy state vs .state and state vs. federal battles we have. Some states have formed regional councils to speed agreements and cooperation in what I find to be helpful solutions.

  3. Good Lord, Man! What in the WORLD do you mean talking such… such SENSE!
    I have a real Grudge against the air ambulance industry; but I HAVE to acknowledge good sense when I read it.
    Subscribingly yours,
    H R Ingram III
    Montross, Va.

  4. Mr. Carothers,

    We would like to interview you by email. If your interested please contact us at



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