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Middle East in middle of upheaval. Good Summary.

  Excellent article  dated 1/11/2011 on the state of our economy

China plans Colombian rail link to challenge Panama canal

When America accomplished the feat of carving out the Panama Canal, it was an economic trumpeting to the world that we could engineer our position as the 20th century hegemonist. China’s Olympic stadium was a symbol of its return to the world stage but China needs an economic symbol that not only is large enough a venture to show world dominance but that has the hemispheric economic equivalence that the canal had for America’s rise.

The canal opened up north south-raw material trade that served as an economic engine for America’s century. Could this railroad help change the flow of raw goods from North-South to West-East? China is fast securing her control of commodities that will be needed to truly open up her country’s economic engine. As much of this commodity flow will directly compete with America as China taps South America’s resources, Is the railroad needed to decrease China’s economic vulnerability to a future U.S. intervention of the canal?

Bad news for job seekers:

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