Will America Hand the Election Back to Barack?

With about 60 hours to go before the votes are in for the President of the United States, a dread is coming over the Democrats as if some underlying deviousness will come from somewhere to steal the election away from where the polls are pointing. If Barack has such a lead in Ohio going into the election, will he not win? I have watched our nation flip-flop every two years lately like a stock market bubbling in a narrow range just waiting to break out one direction or another. Without a clear direction from either candidate, I see no reason why this simmering won’t continue.

Barack had his chance with the entire Congress to focus on JOBS and he wasted his bullets as far as the unemployed were concerned. Never mind that he actually got the ball rolling on the critical factor that is bankrupting our country, healthcare. Whether or not it was the right answer, it was an answer, and no Congress after Obamacare can return America to the stench that was our healthcare system before it. Hooray for the President for moving that mountain.

The Tea Party seemed a vibrant choice to focus on JOBS if Barack would not, even if their election mantra was on lowering the deficit. Given the chance to break out, they instead held the nation hostage over the debt ceiling and, more importantly, applied nefarious tactics to break the unions, including the teacher’s union.

America’s middle knows unions somehow are missing how their membership has not steered itself toward helping America right itself. We understood why attacks occurred on Unions in Wisconsin and Ohio. We just didn’t think the rationale and tactics smelled right. But kudos to the Tea Party for at least focusing the nation on such out of whack salaries and pensions. And no one can claim that America can ever return to a time when we simply accept such ridiculous Congressional spending without question after the last debt ceiling episode. So our hats are off in gratitude to the Tea Party. BUT where was their focus on JOBS?

So is it any wonder that Ohio apparently leans toward turning back toward the President, and that we may once again flip-flop back in this election. If this occurs with such an awful economy staring us in the face, with such abysmal ongoing Keynesian economics attempts by the Fed, and with the current administration’s lack of any real jobs ideas of substance, this is a “Big F…. deal” as my friend Joe Biden would say.

Mr. President, if Ohio hands you one more chance, BREAK OUT. Don’t allow America to simmer in disbelief that no Party cares for our economic blight. BE BOLD. Focus, for a little while at least, on the unemployed, who desperately need our country to recover. Fixing America for the unemployed will fix it for the employed and employers alike. Fixing America for the middle class, will fix America’s future for all classes.

Do not believe this current Western paradigm that structural unemployment is a necessity of Western economies. Focus on busting the international arbitrage that is spiraling us into structural unemployment. America can become competitive if our brand of capitalism realigns business with the American people. Look at my jobs program. You can find it on thrivingpath.com.

A hegemonic empire is a terrible thing to waste. If you get a second chance, don’t…

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