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It’s Time to Corral Our Adversaries and to Yoke them to America’s Future

America will endeavor no matter the cost. It is our genetics, our stubborn stand. Yet, the world’s history is full of predecessors that failed to turn around their nation’s demise when faced with such odds. America must rise to our calling or stack our dead in the plague wagons trying. Now is the time for heavy lifting if we are to keep with our destiny.

The path worn by America to reach the barren fields of our modern crisis has been strewn with rogue American villains. We now know the characters that will hold America hostage if we do not act as one to yoke them to our collective future. No solutions will be enacted for the Vast Middle America if we do not corral our adversaries and tame their aggression to plow furrows for America’s benefit.

China will be our economic adversary for the remainder of the century, competing economically, politically and yes militarily for the world’s dwindling resources. Multinational corporations will continue to grow unchecked by the modern defenses of nation-states, instituting monopolistic practices and pricing by American historic standards to grow wealth and world power. International bankers will seek to arbitrage America’s capital and emerging countries untapped potential at the expense of America’s purchasing power. The Federal Reserve will continue to dilute the dollar to protect its member bank’s international investments and to socialize the costs of exploitation. The United States Congress will support globalist policies that drain America of capital and jobs for the benefit of continued party power and individual wealth and prestige. And the United States Supreme Court will continue to confuse conservatism with globalism allowing the international transfer of wealth and national security as it supports corporations over the American people.

This is America’s future unless we act now as one to corral these rogue actors. They can attack America as a pack of wolves singling out the weak and infirmed or we can rally to tame the beasts for the betterment of the great American herd. Our insistence must walk softly but carry a big stick.

China’s style of modern mercantilism must be countered with a cogent American counter strategy that continues our dominance of hegemony. Yet even the young can see that our old stodgy hegemony of arrogant American military dominated, World Bank enforced neo-colonial subservience is losing out to China’s shared success hegemonic policies. Without direct strategic intervention of our historical approach, America will lose significant ground to our undoing. We must create a new direction that seeks to engender the egalitarian growth of supplier nations.

China’s chokehold on American manufacturing must be loosened through policies that give American domestic business an equal footing. While it is too late to reverse the flood of businesses, factories and jobs that have already left our shores, we can rebuild our industrial base to support hegemonic sustenance. No American should be left jobless while we support “free trade” policies to feed the China juggernaut. 100% employment is a national security objective that must be vigorously pursued.

Multinational corporations will dominate nation-states if left unchecked. A coordinated multinational policy of containment is required for Western nations to curb the loss of economic power and living standards in a world whose skewed view is dominated by redistributing a shrinking pie. America’s strategy must be to raise the standard of living for all our allies large and small while growing our own. With a finite globe limited in resources, however, multinational corporations’ calculations of costs must be made to account for all externalities so as to value the depleting inputs and costs of waste byproducts.

American multinational corporations must be co-opted to grow America. Policies must give corporations reasons to stay, to invest, and to prosper with America. Communities and employees must be given cultural and legal status as equal stakeholders to investors and managers. American jobs must be considered a matter of civil responsibility and national security.

The Federal Reserve must be constrained to the goals set forth by Congress. Employment and price stability are primary goals for the dollar. Yet hegemonic survival of the dollar is as important. Survival of world banks at the expense of the trashing the dollar, our reserve currency status, and the American middle class is not. If the Fed is not constrained to its mission, it must be immediately replaced.

Congress cannot continue its flagrant misrepresentation of the American people. Either Congress will restrict its violations voluntarily or the American people must rise up en masse and change our circumstances. This is not an option. It is imperative to our survival as a nation-state. And the Supreme Court must be educated by the words of most noble of counsels to understand the disservice they do to America in regarding corporations as citizens with all the incumbent rights but without the countervailing responsibilities. If the current make-up of the court cannot be convinced of the necessity to reverse direction, the matter is critical enough for a Constitutional convention.

If America is to walk the thriving path, these rogue elements that exacerbated our most recent crises must be curtailed, co-opted, cajoled, or coerced into supporting our future. For if we do not endeavor to succeed in rallying our most ardent adversaries to our cause, they will most certainly endeavor to follow their own as America burns.

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