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Why are Our Candidates not even Mentioning America’s Addiction to Candy???

I find it interesting that neither party or candidate has yet to mention the sequestration looming over our country. Will we make it the next three weeks without even a hiccup yet alone a chorus over this critical point that could thrust our nation into yet another crisis?

As a child, I would ride around on my banana seat bike collecting coke bottles out of ditches and then I would pedal speedily to the neighboring town to cash in bottle deposits for enough change to buy some sugary delights. I would peer over the candy counter of the corner store, carefully making the decision of which smorgasbord of sweets would get me high for the long bike ride home.

My choices of which candy to buy were limited for the cash I collected from discarded coke bottles along the side of the road was quite small and not nearly enough to satisfy the temptations that candy counter presented to me. Imagine the belly aches I would have had if America had been even more of a throw away society in the 1960s and I were able to pile my trash bag full of bottles?

Unfortunately, America is not limited today by the amount of coke bottles discarded alongside of the road. Our economic system is fed a limitless supply of coke bottles from the Fed. We are able to walk up to our neighborhood store and buy candy to our heart’s delight, enough to feed the desires of even the grandest of candyholics. America is on a spending spree that will only be contained when our childlike consumerist obsession ends in great sickness and confines us to intensive care. Yet this corrupted system of consumerism isn’t an illness that only befalls America. It has most certainly engulfed the West and promises to spread like an endemic virus to the entirety of the world.

In January, doctors will assess America’s fiscal health as we fail to stop the sequestration and will find us a very sick patient indeed. Yet the sickness that has infected us has infected our brethren nations as well. This health checkup that will force the credit rating of America downward once again, will be an indictment of the West’s indulgences, the results of which will spread rapidly and uncontrollably if not contained. It is as important for America to hear what our candidates are not talking about as it is understand what they are saying.

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