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Viva la Revolucion! (A Sarcastic Rant)

sequestration-aWith all the rhetoric running up to the Sequestraton, I am now 100% in favor of letting it hit. Bring it on. Let the revolution begin. Let the American people see how dysfunctional our government has become.

Let the agencies protect their own and cut their budgets in ways to forego their responsibilities. Would you cut 3% from your household budget this way? Hmm, gotta cut 3%, let’s let our children starve. We are witnessing the biggest scam played on the American people of my lifetime.

Let the revolution begin. The revolution will start with a flood of letters to Congress and marches in the streets. The revolution will display nightly news flashes of pain and suffering when agencies act out orders from above to hurt the most vulnerable with their budget cuts.

The revolution will occur when no one sees any real problems if government bureaucrats do their jobs properly. Then the people will demand more cuts. One way or another, the revolution will begin.

We have now heard from Border Patrol who isn’t getting quite the raise they expected because of sequestration so they are going to let all the illegal aliens that have been detained because of criminal activities onto the streets. Hey you know what, we can save a bundle by letting out all the mass murderers too!!!

Yep, beginning March 1, if we don’t give the FAA what they want, they are going to shut down the largest airports. In fact, they are going to make your school children press license plates instead of learning algebra.
The FDA says if you cut our budget 2.4%, we are going to send out our inspectors and close the food plants. Your grocery stores are going to have their meat shelves emptied. Go, run, hoard the meat!!!!! This is the biggest farce of the 21st century.

Will the chaos of the sequestration cause a recession? It just might. Not because of the total net dollar amount of the cut but because of the way its being managed and the hype that will occur as a result. Who will be hit by this politically? Both parties of course…the mud will fly all around us…..

In 2014, when Obama’s second term legacy is taken from him by this fiasco, the question will still be who is going to finally focus on jobs. It is up for grabs but the Republicans are so disorganized and leaderless, they could suffer major losses if they don’t finally figure out the real issue for the past four years, jobs.

No more should Americans have to hear America is the land of opportunity where you go out and risk it all like we did as “we built it ourselves”. This slogan is one of hope in a growing economy but one of selfishness in a failing one.

Most Americans are employees. They choose to work for others because they are not risk takers. They will give you their all in return for an honest wage. What Americans want is a working economy. But more importantly, they want a job now. It isn’t hard to give it to them. It isn’t costly if done right.

I am dismayed by O’Reilly’s and Limbaugh’s complete misunderstanding of the world as the middle class knows it. They say that Americans are entitlement zombies and that Americans are now very selfish. Are they kidding?

Middle class Americans are the most generous people I know. Even jobless, they will share what they have with others. The Republican paradigm must shift to understand that selfishness is trickle out. Selfishness is letting the economy collapse and letting millions lose their jobs and homes because of credit acceleration and contraction.

So let Sequestration hit. Whether the sky falls or it doesn’t, this puny cut will spawn such a fierce debate, we may actually get politicians cornered. But Congress is juvenile. The sequestration is the Congressional smokescreen to let another year go by without having to fix the real economy. In the mean time, interest rates will go up and be blamed as the scapegoat on the sequestration. Inflation will rise significantly as well, helping to dig the banks finally out of their pits of debt.

By then, the budget deficits will be so large that we will look back on this battle as child’s play, unless real debate and solutions are attempted beforehand.

Viva la Revolucion!

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Congressional Baby Fits Need to End!

I have determined that my family should expect a three percent reduction in our spending capacity this year due to a down turn in our business. As my wife is responsible for spending the budget, I asked her to provide me with a list of items where she would cut that three percent. The following is what she suggested:

We will cut:

School lunches for the children and all food on the weekends

We will turn down the thermostat during the winter to 35 degrees Fahrenheit

We will give away the family pet

The car fuel budget will be set at a maximum. She suspects we will not be able to attend work the last four days of the month

I asked if there were not a more reasonable way to trim a mere 3% of our family budget.

She replied, “Not if I want you to go out and find a way not to trim it!”

All this fuss about the Sequestration is about a 3% cut in national spending. Some say that it is all discretionary spending so that amount is much higher. But in the end, all spending is discretionary. All it takes to make it so is a vote. This cut is about priorities.

Entitlements, whether embedded in the military budget or in the civilian one, are that in name only. If our nation were no longer able to borrow 45 cents of every dollar we spend, what would be our priorities? If we could borrow only 35, 25 , 15, 5 cents on every dollar, what then? What are our nation’s spending priorities? This list of priorities defines a budget, something that has eluded our Congress for years.

If you owned a business and paid an employee to construct a budget as one of their primary functions, and they absolutely and stubbornly refused to comply with your wishes, wouldn’t you fire them? How many businesses can be well run without a budget setting forth priorities? None!

Yet we allow our Congress to cry like little baby boys and girls whenever we ask the same of them. Instead of acting like employees that we pay to form our nation’s budget, they pout and stamp their feet threatening to tear apart their bedrooms and run away to the neighbor’s house up the street if we dare to ask them to grow up.

So now we call their bluff. The nation will be thrown into a scene of watching our Congress meet on their chamber floors in their finest garb to begin to holler and cry and throw fits. They will ask the leaders of the agencies they fund to come before us and to pout and demand with threats that they won’t clean their rooms if we deny them their candy. Let them all meet on the floors of Congress and have the biggest collective crying and screaming fit they can muster.

When its all through, and the tears have dried, and they are calmer in their own minds, they will finally look at each other and wonder why their fuss did not work this time. Perhaps a few will even wonder what all the fuss was about. Realizing the American people have taken on the responsibility that comes with being adults in charge of legislative children, they will finally then get about cleaning up their chambers, dusting off their finest garb, sitting down in their designated chairs, and beginning to do the difficult work we sent them to Washington to do.
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Why are Our Candidates not even Mentioning America’s Addiction to Candy???

I find it interesting that neither party or candidate has yet to mention the sequestration looming over our country. Will we make it the next three weeks without even a hiccup yet alone a chorus over this critical point that could thrust our nation into yet another crisis?

As a child, I would ride around on my banana seat bike collecting coke bottles out of ditches and then I would pedal speedily to the neighboring town to cash in bottle deposits for enough change to buy some sugary delights. I would peer over the candy counter of the corner store, carefully making the decision of which smorgasbord of sweets would get me high for the long bike ride home.

My choices of which candy to buy were limited for the cash I collected from discarded coke bottles along the side of the road was quite small and not nearly enough to satisfy the temptations that candy counter presented to me. Imagine the belly aches I would have had if America had been even more of a throw away society in the 1960s and I were able to pile my trash bag full of bottles?

Unfortunately, America is not limited today by the amount of coke bottles discarded alongside of the road. Our economic system is fed a limitless supply of coke bottles from the Fed. We are able to walk up to our neighborhood store and buy candy to our heart’s delight, enough to feed the desires of even the grandest of candyholics. America is on a spending spree that will only be contained when our childlike consumerist obsession ends in great sickness and confines us to intensive care. Yet this corrupted system of consumerism isn’t an illness that only befalls America. It has most certainly engulfed the West and promises to spread like an endemic virus to the entirety of the world.

In January, doctors will assess America’s fiscal health as we fail to stop the sequestration and will find us a very sick patient indeed. Yet the sickness that has infected us has infected our brethren nations as well. This health checkup that will force the credit rating of America downward once again, will be an indictment of the West’s indulgences, the results of which will spread rapidly and uncontrollably if not contained. It is as important for America to hear what our candidates are not talking about as it is understand what they are saying.

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