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If I Were Running For President…

voteIf I were running for President of the United States, I would act bold. My ten point platform would include:

10 point platform

1. Reform Congress

End gerrymandering, end revolving door to lobbying opportunities, increase representation of the House, apply same laws to Congress as to all citizens, repeal Citizens United through the vote, end Congressional insider trading.

2. Immediately turn around economy

Enact my job auction plan that eliminates minimum wage yet targets a living wage of at least $12 per hour for all able citizens and full employment by end of one term, required housing shared equity for debt, credit amnesty

3. Re-secure America’s role of providing the world’s reserve currency

Ensure it through debt reduction, gold securitization, reinstituting separation of retail and investment banking, downsizing too big to fail institutions, and ending the Fed

4. Correct trade imbalance and secure America’s military industrial capacity

Provide it through protecting America’s intellectual property through property rights reform and incentivizing domestic manufacturing, initially targeting moderate labor intensive manufacturing for inner city, functionally illiterate citizens to increase city livability, reduce crime and provide incentives for school graduates.

5. Reform both primary and secondary education

Primary education now fails miserably, secondary costs three times what it should. 100% of students should graduate functionally literate and college should be affordable. I have a detailed plan earlier in my blogs.

6. Enforce budget prioritization

Systematically reduce federal budget based on compromised priorities to balance within two terms. To help accomplish balancing the budget, reform tax structure without raising income taxes or taxing any income producing assets. Fairly tax holding of real assets such as land, minerals, and raw energy that are not encumbered in income producing ventures. Reduce military budget a minimum of 30% through reprioritization of future goals toward securing our trading routes and reducing threat of nuclear terrorism. Finance restructuring through selling of unneeded military lands and bases.

7. Secure our freedoms through Congressional oversight

Provide Congressional and judicial oversight of the myriad of secret agencies that are eroding our Constitutional freedoms. Require Congressional vote of all military offensives that are not emergency actions.

8. Require comprehensive evaluation of cost/benefit of regulations

Provide direction with the intent of dramatic reduction of exorbitant costs to the economy.

9. Invest heavily in alternative energy and energy conservation

Invest not just in production, but in demand. Financing and legal structures must be reformed to make consumer investment in alternative energy both economically feasible and portable.

10. Provide sensible reform to immigration

Open borders to all foreign workers. Provide work visas to all illegal aliens. Change laws that to be an American citizen, you must be born in America and have an American parent, or go through the naturalization process. Ensure that all workers, foreign and domestic pay taxes and have rights to all services available to taxpayers. Work subsidies through job voucher auction program will not be available to foreign workers.

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