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On My Birthday, I Agreed that America is Nowhere near Middle Aged, So She Should Stop Her Midlife Crisis

I celebrated my 51st birthday yesterday surrounded by my 5 kids. They took me out deep sea fishing (caught a 5 foot black tip shark) and made me sweat with a tennis pro before going to the spa, having a terrific dinner out and finishing with a night of gift giving. It was such a great day that I almost forgot I was 51.

When I turned 50, I made believe that it was just one step away from my 40s. At 50, I tried to deny that my vigorous youth was slipping away or that my powerful purchasing parity had peaked its prosperity. I was not ready to accept that from this point on, I would slide ever so slowly down into a slumbering non-existence.

But now at 51, I am squarely surrounded by 50 and 52. I must acquiesce to the fact that my more virile years may be behind me. I must settle down from my midlife crisis, finish my mourning for my hegemonic mid years and begin to accept that where I am at 51 is a new beginning to finding peace, productivity, and prosperity in my last quarter century.

America is but 235 years old, hardly in my position. America is not a nation heading for its golden years as many would have you believe. Why is she acting like me, pouting about her aging features? Why is she accepting her fate as it is being told by those who have hijacked our future? Are we really in our midlife crisis or have we been hypnotized by those who would have us believe we must willingly hand it over to those fledgling industrialists to the East? Who reading this post truly believes that the Chinese are better able to lead the world into the 21st century than America?

If so, state your case. As for me, even if I have but a quarter century left to give to my country, I intend to make it a virile thrust for America. Remember folks, in 235 years, America could only stack a baby born in 1776 on top of a baby born in 1856 on top of a baby born in 1936, just three short lifetimes. America cannot possibly be in our golden years when only three consecutive people have lived their lifes as Americans. So snap out of it. Shake off the psychological bindings that international globalizationists would like you to bound with for their hegemonic slaughter and get back out there and fight for America now!

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