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Has America Become a Headless Zombie?

I guess I am becoming more convinced that both the conservative and liberal movements in America are bankrupt. Americans pick our teams and cheer them on like we are high school rivals. Yet have the Republicans really helped most Americans succeed or is Middle America being left behind? And have the Democrats uplifted the down trodden or even helped to save a smidgeon of their hard earned equity in America’s future?

We know America has been sliding for the past forty years. In all that time, which movement created a true vision of America leading the world toward a brighter future? Which drew all Americans together toward a common goal? We heard the catch phrases for the past twenty election cycles, but who backed up their words with unifying actions? Which movement rallied us to any cause? If we are to be honest, which was the last to truly inspire America?

Which movement stood up for Middle America? Which protected our economy from elitist gutting? Which has made any real attempt to create a fair process of keeping Americans in their homes and in their jobs? Which saw the demise of our factories and jobs while the decay was occurring, and made it a priority to return America to prominence before we fell into crisis?

Which even attempts to project a comprehensive understanding of the dilemma that America faces? Which is really going to take on the Chinese now that we have let our economic horse out of the barn? Which has made any effort to protect our country from the coming dollar plunder? Which has earnestly attempted to help America become less energy dependent? Which has prioritized balancing internal defense, border defense, homeland defense, and national defense while preserving American’s freedom, including our economic freedom?

Which movement has led the way toward a productive and competitive America? Which stood for savings, responsible government, reinvestment, retooling, and modern education? Which has since prioritized our government spending and created a sane way toward fiscal responsibility? Which is talking honestly to the American people of the shared sacrifice it will take for America to recover?

America has become a headless zombie. Our best and brightest entered the international financial lobotomy track. They proceeded to take our future overseas and our headless public servants aided their robbery. Which stood up to the corporate and banking mobs who stole from us before our very eyes? Which held international banks to the fire afterward and required that they share in America’s sacrifice? Which is calling for our businesses to show social responsibility? Which truly took on the Fed for its reckless behavior?

If Americans are to be honest, we would have to answer neither movement to the questions above. None of us feel very good about our home teams. And the other team doesn’t look very promising either. If this were a real game, we would all be hoping that the half time show would cheer our woes. But it is not a game.

Loyalty is earned and I just don’t feel a loyalty to either movement. When America’s leadership reattaches its brain and heart, perhaps America’s zombie attack will be over. We might even see a movement emerge to form a new party from which the American people can rally around. That party might possess the vision to lead once again.

Will leadership have to bubble up from the next generation when America hits rock bottom? It appears to this humble servant that headless zombies are entrenched in both parties and that transformational leadership does not exist within their current ranks. The next four years are guaranteed to bring adversity. We can perhaps only hope that amongst the ranks of Presidential and Congressional hopefuls our coming adversity will force true transformational leadership to rise up to meet it.

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