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Could Boycotting GE Embolden America Against Globalization?

After having written extensively about the soulless, profit seeking nature of corporations that house their headquarters and claim “citizenship” within the borders of the United States, you will find no arguments here about the nationality of multinational corporations. Even though the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that corporations which spend $150 to file as “citizens” of the United States are indeed citizens, I would not be so naive as to believe its politically subjective error.

Even though America expects immigrants wishing to become citizens of the United States to exhibit patriotism for our beloved country, you will find no argument from me that corporations, attributed by our Supreme Court as “citizens”, should exhibit patriotism for our country. Patriotism, a devotion to one’s country, implies that “citizens” experience the love for and focus their attention on the needs of one’s country. For a corporation to be patriotic, it would put the needs of our country on par with the profit desires of its shareholders. Globalization has long since drowned the concept of shared stakeholders, save for one driving force, international shareholder profits.

My motivation for boycotting General Electric is not to punish GE for acting out its nature as a multinational corporation to create profits for its shareholders even when it harms the United States. My motivation for boycotting GE isn’t even to punish Jeffrey Immelt, who accepted President Obama’s appointment to work for American jobs while at the same time directing his corporation to drive jobs out of America. Corporations and their extravagantly paid CEOs act as one instinctual great white shark spreading throughout the world’s oceans, feasting on the most profitable of opportunities. No American boycott could lessen that profit motive, and no boycott could cause GE to have an epiphany of guilt, driving it to express an unnatural corporate patriotism.

My motivation for having America boycott GE is to have America wake up to the true nature of our modern multinational corporations. GE was the quintessential “American Corporation”, the darling of American business during the 1980s and 1990s, presiding over the silent gutting of America as 40,000 factories left our shores for the East. Now that the curtain has been lifted from the Wizard of Oz, we see Jack Welch’s progeny exposed in a lurid, multibillion dollar, one night stand with China, agreeing to a joint venture that not only takes jobs from America, but that competes directly with other American businesses and that gives American intellectual property of direct import to our national security to the Chinese.

By boycotting GE, I would hope that Americans could gain the understanding that corporations are not “citizens” of America and that they have singular profit motivations that do not necessarily align with the security and welfare of our nation. By boycotting GE, I would hope that Americans would challenge those politicians that dare to continue to provide cover for “free trade” and globalization through passage of lobbyist led anti-American legislation. By boycotting GE, I would hope to awaken our regulators to finally act on behalf of our country over the objections of great white sharks of profit that have found America such an easy victim over the past 30 years.

Once America is awakened, we can finally embolden our political leadership to act in the interest of all Americans, to create incentives for these profit motivated monoliths to reinvest in our country, to create a business environment that will help align their interests with those of the United States, and to disincentivize corporations from mindlessly making decisions on behalf of shareholders without cautiously considering America as an important stakeholder in their risk adjusted, profit motive decisions. Boycotting GE is America’s future displayed in effigy.

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