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God Save Our Liberty

Stewardship…it used to refer to one who was paid to look after the belongings of another. We now hug the term and give it a whole new meaning, referring graciously to the ethical responsibility we freely accept for something that we do not own and that is not central to our immediate selfish needs. What draws us to steward certain abstractions and not others? Are the objects of our stewardship of any more or less import than those chosen as responsibilities by our fellow man?

Christians speak of stewarding that given to them by God including family. Environmentalists see great import in stewarding the world for future generations yet unborn. Global warming advocates are challenged to steward the climate so that it may keep the world inhabitable for our grandchildren. The Tea Party feels great passion in stewarding America’s credit, realizing that it is the engine of our future prosperity. Liberals are equally passionate about stewarding the path for progress toward civil equality and personal freedoms.

Why is it that we choose to place our stewardship above those of others? Why is it that we choose to be blinded by the cause of others that choose to steward America’s future from tyrannical leaders that would steal the freedoms of their subjects? We know that every nation that has existed for enough time has been tested from within from tyranny. Are we so naïve as to think that America will escape this phenomenal historical record? I hope and expect that it will not occur in mine or my children’s lifetimes. Yet the time will come when a charismatic leader will ride the wave that is now tightening our freedoms in the name of security. It is for this distant time that freedom lovers everywhere stand guard of the 2nd Amendment.

When that time comes, I hope that we have not given up our arms. I hope that the hundreds of millions of guns and ammo have not been rounded up in the name of gun control for the safety of our present in exchange for the demise of our posterity. I own no gun. They scare me. Yet I am proud of the wall of steel they present to those that would harm America from without or within. God save our liberty.

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