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America is Beautiful

America! America
is truly graced,
a nation steeped in religion
believing God’s love is reflected in her people.

With a history of goodness and flaws
tended to by the desires of her citizens for perfection in law
providing a humble dwelling of freedom’s respite for every soul.

Militarily mighty yet struggling to prove her force
is held well beneath its conquering strike.
Her soldiers committed to each other and love of country,
no such nation has commanded such before
yet enabled a compassioned respect for civilization.
Such is humble nobleness defined.

The days beyond us are marked for America’s rise.
Although each bend exposes a torrent
not unlike rapids we have faced.
Unwavering we have stood down troubled waters
And will with fortitude calm them until
what many say our divine calling is met.

The imaginings of our founders to tame our wild horizons
are still impassioned in the veins of Americans.
We claim this history as we expand the visions of science unknown,
and offer our uncovered understandings to the world’s village.

We will continually fall from grace for selfish gain
but it is our better nature to raise our banner of the free
in which we ask the world for hope.
America, God shed his grace on thee
and crown thy good with brotherhood.

We once again embark upon the calling of America’s gentlest
to take upon themselves the nobility of leadership
for America and the world
from sea to shining sea!

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