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You have signaled to all that you will use the powers bestowed on you by the United States Constitution to fight for the American people. Wield your executive power to needle Congress to act. Force this stalemating, stodgy, strategizing Congress to rise from political muck to help America return to work. Stare Congress in the eye and dare them to repeat such silly statements as those spouted by an unnerved Speaker John Boehner who said “This idea that you’re just going to go around the Congress is just, it’s almost laughable.” Put the Honorable Speaker and the rest of our bloated Congress on the ropes, then jab and hook for our future.

When you say, “we can’t wait”, the American people chant back determinedly, “Go, Dog, Go”. So press onward and, “SIGN, BABY, SIGN! Sign executive orders for student loans, housing refinancing, research and development, veterans’ jobs and drug shortages. Direct your administration to turn over every stone for more aggressive executive orders that can aid America’s crisis. Do not be discouraged by political backlash. Be emboldened.

No-one expects that your early executive orders will create major shifts. Yet, you are in there swinging, shaking things up, and exposing Congress’s folly as even more foolish and obstinate in their flat footed, rabbit punching retorts. You are acting on the will of the people and are forcing disruption among the purveyors of the status quo. Yes, bolder action is required of you. When you find that the political upper cut responses to your latest executive orders are much less painful than the thrills of maneuvering your vision through the morass, you will swing harder.

Bill Daley, when you support the President, stating “Let’s re-emphasize what powers we have! What we can do on our own! Push the envelope!” America is chanting, “Push on!” Do not be sidelined by a do nothing Congress who would keep the American people unemployed for political gain. Fight for us. Let Speaker Boehner keep “a very close eye” on your bold moves to make sure you “are not doing anything unconstitutional” and then press forward with rope-a-dope for jobs.

And when organization spokesmen like “Americans for Limited Government” President Bill Wilson respond by accusing you of sidestepping the political process and “consent of the governed.” stare their rhetoric down, for you are mandated from the governed to enable a government for the people, not for the governors. This Constitutional Republic can no longer suffer tolerantly our elected officials placing their own interests of re-election above those of their constituents. We demand more.

Congress, let President Obama’s actions be a harbinger for politicians from the Right and Left. Real change is inevitable. If the young people who elected President Obama weren’t a ringing bell of freedom, if the Tea Party movement was not a plague of locusts to change hardened hearts, if the Wall Street Occupiers battling snow and police retaliation do not represent an insurgency for change, will the President’s executive orders be enough of a challenge for you to re-examine you pre-election strategies and tactics? Will you insist on holding firm, stalling the President’s job program and evading a direct, bold, and immediately effective jobs programs of your own? At least 30 million swing voters are watching and will aggressively vote a response.

President Obama, my three pronged plan to exchange bank equity for housing debt, to force credit amnesty to quickly spur economic growth capacity, and to institute a bi-partisan, private sector, domestic job voucher plan is critical to for an American turn-around. Your battling Congress now to put American jobs first is critical for America’s future. When you have my attention, you have the attention of the swing voters. Do not retreat. Be bold. Congratulations.


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President Obama Must Immediately and Boldly Use His Presidential Powers to Train the Will of an Unruly Congress on Critical Yet Unrealized American Economy Needs

Any hoped for American economic turnaround must include the two critical components of removal of debt overhang from the American public and removal of devastating credit ratings from our businesses and citizens going forward. Without these two vital changes, neither of which are being widely discussed within the realms of national politics or proposed by our national leaders or perspective leaders, our nation will languish in recession for the next decade no matter what political options are ineffectively tried by the political party in control.

I have proposed that the federal government require banks to accept partial ownership of the U.S. housing stock in ways that will prevent the marking down of books and acceptance of losses from housing that would trigger catastrophic credit default swap contract provisions. This would cleanly eliminate America’s debt bubble that should not exist and should not be burdening our citizens or economy. It can eliminate the bubble without financial crisis and without causing the massive disruption of foreclosures and bankruptcies that may inevitably occur as we continue to unwind the bubble in slow motion.

I have also proposed the federal government require the three major credit rating agencies to implement a plan that would dramatically accelerate an improvement of credit for those companies and citizens that from this point forward practice good faith in repaying their debts. By removing in two years those credit flaws that would normally require seven years, America can return its citizens to their original positions of responsible debt management prior to this worldwide credit implosion.

Some have correctly responded to my proposals that Congress is nowhere close to collectively understanding or recognizing these critical components as necessary for recovery and that therefore, America is doomed to suffer through linear unsuccessful attempts at partial solutions, none of which will succeed in the absence of these two crucial components. They are right. A three legged stool will not stand when one of its legs is substantially shorter than the others. Therefore, if President Obama wishes his posterity to be remembered for boldly defending Americans from this economic crisis, he will need to muster the courage to use his powers of executive order and proclamation.

President Obama has the power to issue both executive orders to officers and agencies within the U.S. government and to issue presidential proclamations to those outside the government to affect the efficient implementation of American law. His written words will have the full force of law from a power granted directly to him by the Constitution.

Certainly, his actions are challengeable by the Supreme Court if they attempt to make law, rather than clarify or act to further a law put forth by the Congress or the Constitution but make no mistake, he has wide ranging powers that can be enacted to ease the way through an embattled Congress. Remember, FDR’s removal of Japanese and German Americans to internment camps, Truman’s integration of the armed forces, or Eisenhower’s desegregation of the schools?

US Presidents have throughout America’s history issued executive orders to instruct federal agencies to promulgate administrative regulations to circumvent the US Congress. US Presidents have issued executive orders calling upon federal agencies, such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE), to amend administrative regulations. If this stonewalling appears to be 14 months of harm to America as our economy nosedives toward the 2012 elections, should this year be a year to test the power of the executive order in amending the Fed’s authority over our banking system?

President Obama also has the power of the presidential proclamation. He can declare the requirement of private industry to obey laws and regulations. He can define conditions that become legal or economic truth and his orders to those outside government will carry the same force of law as executive orders.

Remember George Washington’s Proclamation of Neutrality in 1793 or Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation in 1863? Recall Bill Clinton’s declaration of federal lands for national monuments or George W. Bush’s declaration of the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina as disaster areas. In this critical time of economic travail should President Obama not direct the rating agencies to prepare a plan for credit amnesty for our businesses and citizens that practice good faith repayment of debts from this point forwarded?

Be bold Mr. President and join FDR in protecting the next century of America’s prosperity. Use the powers vested in you by the Constitution of the United States to train the will of an unruly Congress on two critical needs of a suffering American economy.

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