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Either Trump or Sanders Will Win the Presidency



For decades, Americans have grown increasingly frustrated by what seems either as incompetence or as ideological stubbornness by both Presidents and Congress. After years of being ignored about lost jobs and lower pay, voter anger has peaked.  Americans have finally risen up to elect either Trump or Sanders as President.

We see both men as incorruptible supporters of the 99%.   Both have stood against international trade deals to bring back good paying jobs to America. Both have touted severe prescriptions to help America. Trump supports reversing illegal immigration to open more jobs for Americans.   He’s offered a deep tax cut for billionaires to avoid a political war within the GOP, although to no avail.  Sanders instead has declared a political revolution, vowing to fix America’s corrupt voting process, and to institute major transfers of wealth from America’s billionaires to the underclasses.

Shocked by America’s uprising, establishment politicians of both the Republican and Democrat parties have declared all out war to defeat Trump and Sanders. Party leaders have touted multiple reasons why they want to destroy them. But to be clear, the unspoken, REAL reason for such a blatant power grab is that America’s billionaires want their politicians to keep international trade deals in place, and to not give an inch of political power back to the middle class.

America’s billionaires profited trillions of dollars from military expansion that eased the transfer of America’s factories to other countries, and from trade deals that allowed bringing cheap goods back into the United States, both displacing American workers. Even if they may have their own candidate preferences, America’s billionaires will support any politician that continues to support their “free trade” money system.  Some GOP leaders have even blatantly stated that they will support Clinton over Trump, exposing billionaire objectives.

GOP and Democrat politicians will continue supporting their billionaire campaign contributors in order to maintain their jobs, parties, power and wealth.  They, therefore, will do everything they must to defeat Trump and Sanders.

  1. If that means spending hundreds of millions of dollars in ads to destroy Trump and Sanders, so be it.
  2. If it means trashing up-and-coming establishment star candidates like Rubio to try to stamp out Trump, then trash Rubio they must.
  3. If it means manipulating delegate rules to oust Trump through a contested, rigged election, and stacking Hillary’s campaign with unelected super delegates to ensure Sanders is defeated, exposes both parties as anti-democratic, then the parties must unfortunately suffer collateral damage.
  4. If it means organizing paid demonstrators to disrupt rallies and to create fear of what a chaotic, middle class revolution might do to our economy, then organizing extremists must be done.
  5. If it means even mobilizing party members to vote for the other party’s Presidential candidate, then the party establishment will hold their noses and mobilize their establishment members, if they can.
  6. And God forbid, if it means, as some have suggested, threatening physical harm to candidates or their families if all else fails, some might be so desperate to contemplate such a despicable solution.

2016 has been a naked display of anti-democratic thuggery by party establishments to stop voter insurrection.  But Trump and Sanders are fighting back, David against Goliath.  Trump is beating the drums of democracy against his own GOP as he continues to win a plurality of delegates.  Bernie Sanders is accusing Hillary of being paid off by her billionaires, and continues his winning streak in the traditional Democrat states, proving him to be the clear, best choice for his party.  As both parties and insurgents push forward, this revolution may not end without violent political upheaval.

Most Americans know that either Trump or Sanders must be elected to stop decades of billionaire abusive profiteering and trampling of the middle class.  So a coming voter backlash is building to a fever pitch.  I personally believe Trump’s policies are best to move America forward.  But if either he or Bernie is defeated for their party’s nomination, they must still go forward as independents to represent the will of the American people. Then, America will make its last stand as the House of Representatives, a body meant to represent the people, votes in the new President.  The Constitution will hold firm.


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Trump will Most Likely Feed His Detractors Some Political Slop

While I am not sure Trump would make a great president, I have enjoyed his forthrightness and his deliberate speech. He is, however, pandering to the masses when he says things like go in and take the oil, that’s what empires do, and when he plays up the Obama birther controversy.

However, the politics with which he was invited to the correspondents’ dinner just to be made the object of bitter ridicule may prove to be painful to those who so successfully plotted. As they say, revenge is best served cold, and Trump has chillers hidden in one of his big towers just so that he can store up the enormous cold revenge necessary to play with the big boys in these high stake games.

I enjoy the special brand of joke politics played at these dinners and have watched with slight attention and amusement. This year, both Seth and the president crossed a line in attempting (and probably succeeding) in embarrassing Trump.

Trump cannot cattle call, as is his usual retort, against these gentlemen for picking on him in a roast that is intended to poke fun at Washington politics. By responding publicly to the President’s jokes, or even more so to Seth Myers’, Trump would look petty and foolish.

No, he has to wait,… and plot,… and steam, …and find the perfect, cold plate of political slop to feed the president, and to impact a seemingly disconnected harm to Seth’s career many months from now.

My Independent Observation……

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