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It’s Time to Corral Our Adversaries and to Yoke them to America’s Future

America will endeavor no matter the cost. It is our genetics, our stubborn stand. Yet, the world’s history is full of predecessors that failed to turn around their nation’s demise when faced with such odds. America must rise to our calling or stack our dead in the plague wagons trying. Now is the time for heavy lifting if we are to keep with our destiny.

The path worn by America to reach the barren fields of our modern crisis has been strewn with rogue American villains. We now know the characters that will hold America hostage if we do not act as one to yoke them to our collective future. No solutions will be enacted for the Vast Middle America if we do not corral our adversaries and tame their aggression to plow furrows for America’s benefit.

China will be our economic adversary for the remainder of the century, competing economically, politically and yes militarily for the world’s dwindling resources. Multinational corporations will continue to grow unchecked by the modern defenses of nation-states, instituting monopolistic practices and pricing by American historic standards to grow wealth and world power. International bankers will seek to arbitrage America’s capital and emerging countries untapped potential at the expense of America’s purchasing power. The Federal Reserve will continue to dilute the dollar to protect its member bank’s international investments and to socialize the costs of exploitation. The United States Congress will support globalist policies that drain America of capital and jobs for the benefit of continued party power and individual wealth and prestige. And the United States Supreme Court will continue to confuse conservatism with globalism allowing the international transfer of wealth and national security as it supports corporations over the American people.

This is America’s future unless we act now as one to corral these rogue actors. They can attack America as a pack of wolves singling out the weak and infirmed or we can rally to tame the beasts for the betterment of the great American herd. Our insistence must walk softly but carry a big stick.

China’s style of modern mercantilism must be countered with a cogent American counter strategy that continues our dominance of hegemony. Yet even the young can see that our old stodgy hegemony of arrogant American military dominated, World Bank enforced neo-colonial subservience is losing out to China’s shared success hegemonic policies. Without direct strategic intervention of our historical approach, America will lose significant ground to our undoing. We must create a new direction that seeks to engender the egalitarian growth of supplier nations.

China’s chokehold on American manufacturing must be loosened through policies that give American domestic business an equal footing. While it is too late to reverse the flood of businesses, factories and jobs that have already left our shores, we can rebuild our industrial base to support hegemonic sustenance. No American should be left jobless while we support “free trade” policies to feed the China juggernaut. 100% employment is a national security objective that must be vigorously pursued.

Multinational corporations will dominate nation-states if left unchecked. A coordinated multinational policy of containment is required for Western nations to curb the loss of economic power and living standards in a world whose skewed view is dominated by redistributing a shrinking pie. America’s strategy must be to raise the standard of living for all our allies large and small while growing our own. With a finite globe limited in resources, however, multinational corporations’ calculations of costs must be made to account for all externalities so as to value the depleting inputs and costs of waste byproducts.

American multinational corporations must be co-opted to grow America. Policies must give corporations reasons to stay, to invest, and to prosper with America. Communities and employees must be given cultural and legal status as equal stakeholders to investors and managers. American jobs must be considered a matter of civil responsibility and national security.

The Federal Reserve must be constrained to the goals set forth by Congress. Employment and price stability are primary goals for the dollar. Yet hegemonic survival of the dollar is as important. Survival of world banks at the expense of the trashing the dollar, our reserve currency status, and the American middle class is not. If the Fed is not constrained to its mission, it must be immediately replaced.

Congress cannot continue its flagrant misrepresentation of the American people. Either Congress will restrict its violations voluntarily or the American people must rise up en masse and change our circumstances. This is not an option. It is imperative to our survival as a nation-state. And the Supreme Court must be educated by the words of most noble of counsels to understand the disservice they do to America in regarding corporations as citizens with all the incumbent rights but without the countervailing responsibilities. If the current make-up of the court cannot be convinced of the necessity to reverse direction, the matter is critical enough for a Constitutional convention.

If America is to walk the thriving path, these rogue elements that exacerbated our most recent crises must be curtailed, co-opted, cajoled, or coerced into supporting our future. For if we do not endeavor to succeed in rallying our most ardent adversaries to our cause, they will most certainly endeavor to follow their own as America burns.

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Court Finds in Favor of Returning the House of Representatives to the People

WALTER: Good Evening America, this is Walter Cronkite outside the infamous Dead People’s Courthouse where proceedings are occurring to determine the original intent of the bicameral chambers of the United States Congress. The Plaintiffs, our modern day multinational corporations and international bankers contend that Congress is working as it should. The defendant, James Madison, hailed as “Father of the Constitution” is at the stand calling witnesses. Presiding over the court is America’s very first Supreme Court Justice, John Jay. Let’s take a look…… [Panning to the courtroom interior]

BAILIFF: All rise

MADISON: Delegate to the Constitutional Convention, please state your name and position in life………

DICKENSON: John Dickenson, age 54, delegate from Delaware, graduate of Princeton, lender and investor, Previous President of Pennsylvania

MADISON: Mr. Dickenson, I am going to show you some notes I wrote referring to your words during the convention. Did you read them and are they correct Sir?


MADISON: Could you repeat your answer for this court, Mr. Dickenson?


MADISON: If it please the court, I present exhibit A….

EXHIBIT A (Taken as written from Madison’s Constitutional Convention of 1787 notes)

“Mr. Dickenson considered it as essential that one branch of the Legislature shd. be drawn immediately from the people; and as expedient that the other shd. be chosen by the Legislatures of the States. This combination of the State Govts. with the national Govt. was as politic as it was unavoidable. In the formation of the Senate we ought to carry it through such a refining process as will assimilate it as near as may be to the House of Lords in England.

Mr. Dickenson had two reasons for his motion. 1. because the sense of the States would be better collected through their Governments; than immediately from the people at large; 2. because he wished the Senate to consist of the most distinguished characters, distinguished for their rank in life and their weight of property, and bearing as strong a likeness to the British House of Lords as possible; and he thought such characters more likely to be selected by the State Legislatures, than in any other mode.”

MADISON: I present this as prima facie evidence. Thank you Mr. Dickenson, no further questions

BAILIFF: All rise…

MADISON: Delegate to the convention, please state your name and position in life

GERRY: Elbridge Gerry, age 43, delegate from Massachusetts, graduate of Harvard, real estate, manufacturing and shipping, signer of Declaration of Independence, Chairman of the first Committee of Representation, eventual Vice President of the United States

MADISON: Vice President Gerry, I am going to show you some notes that I wrote referring to your words during the convention. Did you read them and are they correct Sir?

GERRY: Yes sir, they are…

MADISON: If it please the court, I present EXHIBIT B

“Mr. Gerry. The people have two great interests, the landed interest, and the commercial including the stockholders. To draw both branches from the people will leave no security to the latter interest; the people being chiefly composed of the landed interest, and erroneously supposing, that the other interests are adverse to it. The elections being carried thro’ [State Legislatures] will be most likely to provide some check in favor of the commercial interest agst. the landed; without which oppression will take place, and no free Govt. can last long where that is the case. He was therefore in favor of this last. ”

MADISON: Thank you Vice President Gerry, no further questions at this time

BAILIFF: All rise

MADISON: Delegate to the convention, please state your name and position in life

MORRIS: Gouverneur Morris, age 35, delegate from Pennsylvania, graduate of Columbia University, lawyer, manufacturing and shipping, signer of Articles of Confederation, Chairman of the Second Committee of Representation, eventual United States Senator and diplomat

MADSION: Now Senator Morris, I am going to show you some notes I wrote referring to your words during the convention. Did you read them and are they correct Sir?

MORRIS: They are correct.

MADSION: If it please the court, I present EXHIBIT C

“Govr. Morris. to check the precipitation, changeableness, and excesses of the [House], the [Senate] must have a personal interest in checking…, It must have great personal property, it must have the aristocratic spirit; it must love to lord it thro’ pride, pride is indeed the great principle that actuates both the poor & the rich. It is this principle which in the former resists, in the latter abuses authority. The aristocratic body, should be as independent & as firm as the democratic… The Rich will strive to establish their dominion & enslave the rest. They always did. They always will. The proper security agst them is to form them into a separate interest. The two forces will then controul each other. Let the rich mix with the poor and in a Commercial Country, they will establish an oligarchy… Thus it has been all the world over. So it will be among us… By thus combining & setting apart, the aristocratic interest, the popular interest will be combined agst. it. There will be a mutual check and mutual security.

He was also agst. paying the Senators. They will pay themselves if they can. If they can not they will be rich and can do without it. He perceived that the [House] was to be chosen by the people of the States: the [Senate] by those chosen by the people…A firm Governt. alone can protect our liberties.”

MADISON: Thank you Senator Morris, no further questions at this time.

Honorable Chief Justice Jay, having presented just three of many waiting in the wings to testify to their belief that the Senate was to constitute itself of those that would represent the interests of the elite, and without testimony from any other dead plaintiff in the affirmative, may I ask for a directed verdict in this case that the court finds for the defendants that in fact, framers of the Constitution did intend for it to be a body containing Gentleman of Privilege?

JAY: Having heard from no other dead person representing the plaintiff in this case, I must find for the Defendants and rule:


Jay: Having found in favor of the defendant, James Madison, I now remand the House of Representatives back to the custody of the People, thus ordered…..

CRONKITE: This has been an historic day in which the Supreme Court of the United States of America has concluded that the Senate is acting according to the intent of the founders in representing the interests of America’s elite, but that the House must revert to its original intent and begin to represent the People again. This has been a presentation of Dead People’s Court. And that’s the way it is, Wednesday, February 01, 2012…Good Night America.

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