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Instead of Gun Control, Let’s Strive for Murder Control

ImageRather than gun control, are we all not really ultimately striving for violence control, and more specifically to this conversation, murder control? The seeds to the answer for many seem to be spiritual ones. Let us assume for the moment that religions over thousands of years have collectively distilled man’s attempt at understanding of the spirit realm. The Christian religion teaches that no matter how hard man strives, he will always sin. Yet through the practice of his faith he will sin less. 

If this is true, then a community steeped in faith gains the benefit of less crime but does not eliminate it. Yet, our nation has rejected this centuries old notion to search for progress through freedom from religion, exchanging its benefits to loosen the binds of bigots that have used religion to cloak their own version of sin. 

A belief that following one’s faith in all manners, such as in integrating it in a strong family foundation, leads to activism that prioritizes front end solutions as the best form of murder control. Murder activism would place front-end solutions such as a stronger emphasis on better schools and revitalizing inner city employment over back end solutions like gun control. 

A tenet of most faiths is also that while following one’s faith improves the probability that men wil lean toward their better nature, it does not always stop them from heeding their lesser ones. We will always have murder no matter how moral the society. 

This understanding is why capitalism wins out over communism. Communism requires an adherence to man’s better nature when man is incapable of fully adhering. Capitalism pits each man striving in his own best interest against each another, and yet also in cooperation as seems fit, to best the interests of all that participate. 

Similarly, gun control’s success requires that all adhere to man’s better nature. Yet centuries of religious teaching suggests it is doomed to fail for that very reason. Instead, following the age-old wisdom found in religion about man’s true nature is the better path. We should prioritize enabling man’s better nature on the front end and protect from his lesser nature on the back end. 

How then do we protect ourselves from the violent acts that injure one American every 15 seconds and that kill one every 20 minutes. If man’s nature is the same the world over, then taking guns away from citizens is not the answer for other nation’s examples show that taking protective guns away from citizens correlates to increasing violence against them. Also giving legal guns only to policemen is not the answer, for if it were then we would not have the crime we have today for the vast majority of gun violence is not conducted by legally obtained and held guns and police have not curbed their violence.

Based on humanity’s inability to meet perfection even in the most strict of religious societies throughout history, the best solution is a distributive civil defense, guns readily available to defend against the illegal use of guns for violent ends.


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The Declaration of Independence Holds Keys to Life Purpose

Image“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are ….. endowed by their Creator with …… Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


These are the attributes determined by America’s founders to be worthy of individual acclamation.




And the pursuit of happiness


“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it”


These then, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are the attributes worthy of casting off the yoke of governance if, in its current form, they cannot be achieved.


“and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”


So the founders of America deemed Government and affecter of safety and happiness.  Not only was government an instrument of these two attributes, the form of government was deemed so important as to exercise their right and duty to


“throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards”


To ensure success in ultimately obtaining such safety and happiness.


 I am often perplexed at how America came to be the most powerful country on the planet, yet our nation’s quality of life, as given weight in our cherished Declaration, does not correlate with our dominant position in the world.  America has achieved the both power and fortune, yet in that pursuit, our people don’t seem to have reached their uber-goal of happiness.


A prescription for individual happiness is to achieve abundant connectedness, producing purpose and meaning, in the following areas of one’s life.


1) Connection to God: Spiritual development

2) Connection to self: Health – physical/mental/emotional/self esteem

3) Connection to others: Spousal intimacy/Family/Friends

4) Connection to your inner child: Recreation/Leisure /personal development

5) Connection to purpose: Giving/helping others, purposeful career

6) Connected to one’s future: Personal and community planning /Work progression/ Financial and physical security


Balance is the key.  Striving for any one attribute while allowing others to suffer is a gross imbalance that like a cancer blots out one’s long-term happiness.  If this balance is true for the individual, it must be collectively true for the nation. 


Yet is this balance and connection pursued by our communities or our government and industry leaders?  Is balance achievable by a polarized legislature whose agenda is set by the 1%?  If what is measured is treasured, it is high time America falls away from emphasizing GDP  to begin to measure our Declaration of Independence Index.                                           

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Let’s Polish Our Tarnished Cities on the Hill

ImageOver the past century, the vast majority of our citizens gave up their land holdings to move to the cities and suburbs for the purpose of advancing our nation materially through the collective purpose of industry, the hubs of which were in our cities. Our economic, legal, transportation, and educational infrastructures were then developed to enhance this now concentrated workforce’s ability to produce for the good of the nation.

Beginning earlier but certainly more pronounced in the late 1970’s, our cities began to feel the effects of a systematic gutting as our captains of industry fought back against the power of unions to insist on a larger share of the economic pie, and found offshore communities welcoming their investment. As industrial era jobs moved offshore, a nation that had long ago given up family farms remained in the cities, vulnerable to the plight that would fill the void. 

As legitimate means of sustaining families began to diminish and the impact of three decades of sustained wars made their social impact with a nation not able to manage the needs of an inundation of returning vets, as a post war society now titillated by the stimulation of violence and drugs searched for meaning in the void of purposeful work, as a now unionized society clung to last vestiges of power, seeking to gain advantage for its members as all the while businesses were retreating offshore, our cities slowly began to wither under the weight of a crumbling tax base. 

Some cities diminished services. Others raised tax rates, exacerbating the abandonment of the cities by elites that were able to pick up entire industries and move them to more hospitable locales. Yet as cities were losing their financial resources, their social service needs to compensate their growing plight increased. As industry moved out, those unable to care for themselves moved in and cities became the refuge for the homeless and infirmed, socially handicapped and newly formed gangs and criminals. 

Programs to help with the social disorder poured into the cities from state and federal governments yet little was done to fix the underlying problems that were caused by having our people move to cities over multiple generations to support industries that moved out of our cities in a generation. 

Our cities are now obsolete in their original purpose, but not because of natural impediments. They still are developed around our best natural resources transportation corridors. They still have basic infrastructure needed to support industry. We just have placed constraints on our industries which we do not place on others outside U.S. boundaries. We are happy for instance to buy products that might kill people in communities in Malaysia as long as we can buy them more cheaply than if they were produced more cleanly here. 

We can eliminate the artificial constraints we have placed on our cities and they will come back to life as quickly as Lake Erie did that was once declared dead and that is now teaming with abundant life. Our cities are underutilized assets that have collected negative attributes that are draining the nation of its resources. Let’s repair the blight, eliminate the artificial constraints, place them on equal footing with any other nation that we might buy products from, rebuild their purpose, and prosper as we realign our cities with our national goals.

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Gun Control Advocates Need to Check their Time and Probability Biases

ImageOver the twenty years or so that I have been involved in strategy development, the biggest obstacle I found in gaining buy in and in implementation from the troops was to overcome time horizon perspectives. As I would build a 10 or 20 year map, the nuances of the interactions of events over time would get lost on my audience, many of whom had a much shorter time horizon of thought in their own lives as well as for the organization of their work. If the median time horizon of my audience was much shorter than the strategy needed to complete the organization’s goal, many would compress the longer timeline into their own time horizon and act upon it inappropriately from a shorter timeframe as a result. 

Apply this principle of shortened time frame to gun control. Detailing the actions that have been taken over the past two decades to edge America toward a Police state could easily support the conclusion that one of the possibilities for our future could include a probability of an authoritarian take over of our government by a rogue political or military force. Scenarios, such as one mirroring the rise of the Nazis for instance, could show how such an event could happen. Yet a series of steps would have to occur that all take time for such an event to take place, such that the likelihood of such an event occurring anytime soon, much less at all, is very remote. 

Along the spectrum of time compression, some people have the aptitude to keep multi-decade trends in perspective. However, another segment, having much less aptitude, compress the time line into the here and now. Along the spectrum of probabilities there are those than can without bias maintain an understanding of the true probabilities of a series of events occurring. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those that are driven by fear or prejudice to give excessive weight to a particular future path than others. Combine these two attributes and there results a small population that compresses the future into the here and now and that also focuses on those possibilities they most fear. 

That said, it is easy to see how a small percentage of the population that fall into the cross section of both compressing the timeline and being highly prejudiced toward the threat of a government takeover could latch onto the skewed idea that the threat to gun confiscation and resulting communistic or fascist oppression of the masses is imminent. It is also fairly easy to see that on the other side of the political spectrum there could be a small cross section of those that are biased to believe that any oppression by the government is impossible or that even if it were possible that the time before this might occur is infinite.

There is an entire fringe group that today fears the actions of our current government as if its actions are THE ACTIONS that will push us off the precipice to civil war. Alex Jones, the protagonist of this article:

 is a fervent time compressed, one possibility proponent. As such, he appears to many as a nut case to some.  Yet his message, if stretched out over the proper time continuum and correctly valued for its proper probability weighting amongst all the potential paths that could occur, is not incorrect. It is the message behind the purpose of the 2nd amendment, which, when properly construed within the context of all the possibilities, is a perfectly valid message.

For instance, it has just as reasonable a reason to be validated as the fact that our country’s shorelines might be inundated someday by rising tidal storms due to global warming, although only the most severely time compressed, biased thinkers of us believe the tides will rise two feet during the next two weeks because of them.  Similarly, some time compressed, biased thinkers believe the religious right to be nut cases because of their concerns over the slippery slope such as in this article:

However, when connected to the proper time and probability weighting, the religious right’s assessment of the logical progression of the abuse of the 2nd is dead on target. For their long term perspective of one possibility among many is the slippery slope of the Christian religion falling from a majority position try to one that is simply tolerated, then not tolerated, then whose message now looked upon by a minority as a voodoo cult of lies falls to one in which the majority look upon it as a fallacy of thought, until finally the majority turn against its followers as mentally ill.  If this path, as one possibility, coincides with the path that guns should be confiscated from those that are mentally ill, then the rights of Christians deemed mentally ill, such as the freedom of religion, could be taken as well.

If one views their concern from the perspective that religious leaders who express this concern are somehow paranoid lunatics, then one should examine their own time and probability compression for bias validity.

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However Nobly Intentioned, the Just Third Way is Flawed

ImageA quick read of the Just third Way seems to be flawed in its first ideal, that of dispersion of investment capital. The Just Third Way seeks to alleviate the issues of capital concentration in both the capitalistic and communistic models by dispersing it equally amongst the economy’s participants.

Dispersing investment capital into the hands of the middle class and poor would eventually create third world conditions, worse than capitalism and communism, for the seed capital needed for economic growth would simply be consumed.   The definition of poor is to have demands greater than the ability to consume. Not intending this statement to be a judgment of the poor, this same reason is why the vast majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

As an initial “testing construct”, what would happen if everyone could be kept from squandering a nation’s seed capital on consumption once it was equally distributed?  For instance, the Just Third Way could be kept initially sustainable by creating two forms of currency, one that could only be used for investment and the other for consumption. While it might stop the disintegration toward third world status, the economy would still end up with rich and poor.

A second investment currency would protect a nation’s seed capital, for the poor could only use this second currency to buy into ventures to hopefully obtain dividends that they could consume.  Yet their investment currency could not be diluted through consumption, only by the failure of the venture in which they invested. Oppositely, their investment currency could be multiplied by growth of the ventures in which they invested.

However, as long as intergenerational property rights continued to exist, which is the basis of both capitalism and the Just Third Way, those that made wise investments would eventually accumulate investment currency and those that did not make wise investments would eventually lose their currency.  Those that made good bets would transfer their winnings to their offspring, where they could multiply over further generations.  In this way, the third way would simply revert to capitalism.

We have the very rich in this country and others partly because of a form of genetic, cultural and institutional Darwinism including genes, education, work experience, inside information, and connections but even without these factors, the mere fact that America protects intergenerational property rights added to the luck of individual investments is all that are needed for the uber-wealthy to exist.

The Just Third Way concept of spreading equity out to all Americans instead of concentrating it in the hands of a few bazzillionaires or in the hands of autocratic communist leadership would reset the starting point to “equality”.  If all had equal capital and all made bets on the economy over a lifetime, a few would do extremely well and others would lose it all by virtue of luck alone. Most would fall on a bell curve with an average that matched the economic growth of the country. 

At the end of life, the equity of each person would transfer to their children who would make bets during the next generation. Some of those that got the extreme wealth of their parents would also do very well through luck and others would lose it all. At the end of several generations, wealth would be once again spread out across a spectrum from very wealthy to very poor and the Third Way would revert to today’s capitalism through property rights and luck alone.

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Lions Feed on America’s Flesh

ImageIn my community, there is an investment venture that is rapidly buying up all the empty housing stock left over by the foreclosure binge at pennies on the dollar. Seems that the wildebeest in our neighborhoods are quietly anticipating a stabilization and rise in home prices as a result of the upcoming scarcity as the elite lions slowly mop up the countryside of stragglers. For it is the way of the world that we survivors accept the feast of the lions. 

We are content at having made it through the carnage of 2008 with our assets intact, albeit a bit worse for the wear. At the outset of the crisis, the lions ran the herd into a frenzy. As they outstretched their paws in pursuit, they quickly dried up credit sending the herd scurrying to lay off a great number of the weaker of our species. Oh we tried to allow them to graze at the side of the herd on unemployment and food stamps. But we knew the lions would eventually claim them for that is the way of the wild. 

And one by one during the dry season, the lions pounced on wildebeest after wildebeest, feeding on their flesh, collecting their real assets of houses and cars, stocks and bonds, to pay off the debts that had been accumulated and paid for by the stroke of the lions’ pens that had earlier during the rainy season created money from thin air. For in the rainy season, all feast on grain and fatten themselves on the GDP of the land. And in the rainy season, the lions are happy to simply skim profits from the creation of debt. 

But in the dry season as the herd stampedes as a great, disoriented band, lost in a sea of collapsing credit, loss of jobs, and loss of consumer demand, that is when the lions feed on real flesh. All of the fattening during the rainy season comes back to the lions now. One by one they pick of the weak, collecting their real assets, skimming off the real economy, and transferring the carnage to their bellies. The dry season is when the lions feast.

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The Race is On to the Thriving Portal


         One of the greatest threats to mankind is energy scarcity.  Millions of people have died in the last century for lack of it and millions more have died fighting to control it.  The greatest minds have determined that energy on our planet is finite and that the sources of cheap energy, oil, coal and natural gas will one day run out leaving  man’s productive output on the planet to collapse

         The human paradigm: you cannot make more energy from less energy. In every energy transaction there is always energy that becomes unusable called “entropy”. Our captains of industry have capitalized on this understanding to create energy scarcity, controlling the world’s output to collect economic rent from that scarcity.  

          Yet in reality, we are surrounded by, for our purposes, limitless motion energy, solar energy and planetary magnetic energy that we have so far only begun to understand, much less to barely harness. Will these energy sources one day prove the human paradigm a fallacy as we learn to sustain the world and escape what would have been a warring hegemonic transition as carbon emissions finally proved uninhabitable for humans?

          One of the first homes I bought had a carriage house with an underground fuel tank. It was built in 1906. The carriage house shared space for the automobile and the horse. A few decades before that men were travelling in sailing ships for years on end to supply the nation with lamp oil gathered by cracking open the brain cavities of sperm whales caught around the world.   What seemed heroic and practical barely a century before seems odd today as we view the energy spectrum looking back in time.

          Yet looking back seems a much easier task than peering forward the same distance in time.  When man in the near distant future learns to levitate off magnetic earth beams to travel and every home has its earth magneto generator and solar converters for self contained energy, and every community on earth is able to sustain water and food consumption from similar power sources, we will look back on the 20th and 21st centuries as the ones in which millions of people died in wars to control perceived energy scarcities when in fact we were literally awash in energy.

            The real question is whether we focus our human energy on harnessing human capital to crack the code of abundance or whether we allow our current model of financial servitude to drag the world to its lowest denominator at the precipice between a new age of immense hyper-accelerated learning or the counter trend toward a repeated dark age.

          My vote is on getting polarized factions to understand we are all on the same planet with the same goal of growing the pie big enough for all to share in abundance. Pareto Optimal solutions must be employed. If, for instance, we attempt to reach abundance off the back of fossil fuel, we will all die on a poisoned planet before we reach our goal. Therefore, fossil fuel must only be a transition as crass as whale brain cavities in our search for a better answer.

         When we will solve our energy problem, I am not sure for I for I am stuck in the engineering paradigm of this century. But I do know that the true energy needed to levitate billions of 1s and 0s in an IPhone is much, much less than the energy used to levitate much fewer binomial expressions in the main frames housed on entire floors of corporate offices just a few short decades ago. And I do know that the information generated this year will be more than all the information generated since the world began. And I do know that we will now share this information at the speed of light with billions of people on the planet, who will use this information to spur original thought in trillions of synapses connected to a supernatural life form.

        Yet while this enormous bout of abundance creation is spiraling headlong toward a break through portal, I also know that there are those that fashion themselves elite who are, “for the good of an ignorant world”, clinging to the power of carbon and sending their jackals to guard the gates of digital information to slow its exponential expansion in hopes of harnessing the world’s capacity for abundance as scarcity rent.  

       Therefore, the race is on.  We will either survive through the portal to a new paradigm, or we will wither into a subservient existence, lacking the collective wherewithal to find our thriving path.  Let’s win the race.

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The Antidepressant Connection to Mass Murder

ImageThe Columbine shooters wandered the school for 49 minutes shooting kids before the SWAT team arrived. Why is it that we continue to focus on the type of guns they used? 49 minutes could do damage whether auto or not. Whether or not we ban automatic weapons, we will continue to read about other mass murders until as a country we begin to deal with the root causes of mass murder.

Is it the 10 million automatic guns in the hands of the public responsible for mass murders? Can something more than confiscating autos be done to deal with mass murder? What about the perpetrators? Are there any similarities between them that point to something other than the type of weapons they used? Because if we cannot find another answer, 49 minutes could do similar damage no matter what arsenal they bring to the school.

Articles have addressed correlations other than guns regarding mass murders yet no one has discussed them on this thread or others really. Why is that? Should we not at least mention in parting the correlation of antidepressants? Now 40 million white people on Prozac or other antidepressants is probably a good net thing for America.

We do get benefits from cars, although 1 in 100 have bodily injuries from them every year, which some might say is very high odds but worth the potential maiming or death. Similarly, I am very thankful that antidepressants help so many millions of people have more normal, functioning lives. Most Americans have benefited either from seeing a loved one come back to life or having been given a second chance themselves.

Yet are we measuring the cost benefits well? Does our nation even understand the cost benefits? And if we do, are we willing to accept them as readily as we do 40,000 deaths and 3.6 million injuries by automobile each year?

Did you know that about 100 acts of violence are reported to the FDA each month related to the use of antidepressants? Did you know that about 3 murders are reported to the FDA each month related to the use of antidepressants? Did you know that the FDA estimates that only between 1-10% of violence is reported to them so that would put murders related to antidepressants at somewhere between 100-1000 per year.

Did you know that there have been 22 international drug regulatory warnings on psychiatric drugs citing effects of mania, hostility, violence and even homicidal ideation? Did you know that 15 percent of white people take antidepressants in America? Did you know that two thirds of them haven’t even seen a doctor in the past year? Did you know that the majority of mass murderers in the past 30 years were white males using antidepressants?

How effective is our medical profession at filtering out those antidepressant users that have turned homicidal? If 3.5% of these drug users are at risk from negative mental side effects, or 1.5 million people, what is our medical, legal, and law enforcement’s process for keeping them from acquiring and using weapons to kill? Do you know?

Why is it that America isn’t focused like a laser on this connection? Is it because so many of us know the benefits of the drugs in our families? If the answer is that like cars, the benefits outweigh the horrendous costs, then so be it. Live your lives quietly and let this pass.

If you simply cannot and must wash your guilt in a futile gesture, fight with the NRA. 
You may even win the battle. But as you congratulate yourselves, don’t dig deeper into the mass murder statistics because they will still be out there to haunt you.

Otherwise, once again, I must implore you to stop QQing and focus on the root causes.

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Millennials Gave Obama Victory on Their Way to Unseat Baby Boomers


When Americans talk of freedom, we speak of democracy and capitalism.  Yet, our concept of freedom is distorted, for democracy and capitalism are really just a means to an end. We use these ideas as best we can to find the freedoms that are given by God, but that are both desired and hindered by mankind. All people want the same freedoms really, to raise their families in peace, to have the opportunity to pursue a living with their talents, and to be able to assemble with others to share ideas or to worship. America’s ideals have been the world’s standard for pursuing these freedoms in the 20th century.


When the test of freedom seemed momentarily broken in our latest economic crisis, a wave of young freedom lovers took to the stage in the Middle East, Europe and America. The Middle East was most dramatic as they fought their way out of a dire future, yet Europe and America’s youth made their voices heard as well. The young voice is an emerging force rebelling against economic and social structures from which they must now begin their income generating years.


The Occupy Movement was a modern Constitutional Convention, even if that comparison makes one scoff. The dissimilarities of wealth, race, education, and economic drivers do not disqualify either historical group’s attempts at a better life. Those that travelled to Zuccotti Park convened against what they saw happening in America, the monetary implosion, credit evaporation, foreclosure epidemic and the like and the exacerbating effects that would stifle their futures.

We tended to dismiss the Occupiers as they chose briefly not to follow the normal paths toward economic security that we had found successful in earlier times. It was easy for most to be at first curious and then increasingly frustrated by these “oddballs” in Zuccotti Park. Yet our views did not deter their attempt to peacefully find a way around the dystopian path they saw for their generation.


On the downside, as they sought a way forward, they left a little crap in Zuccotti. On the upside, an entire nation of young people, 99ers, and others engaged in civil governance, attempting to sort through a broken historical paradigm to decipher what made it unworkable for them. Our frustrations did not deter this grand opportunity to have an entire generation bubble up their vision of economic participation. Yet, it was temporarily trampled by a few batons, pepper spray, gas canisters, concussion grenades, horses, barricades, riot gear and shields, rubber bullets, hand cuffs, German shepherds, police vehicles, holding cells, civil courts, public administrations, media outlets, investment banking funds and political leaders.

Nonetheless, the catalysts that drove our youth into Zuccotti have not diminished.  The lack of investment in America, the baby boomers clogging the remaining jobs pipeline, a polarized government run amok on deficit spending that will not repair our social security, and Medicare programs, out of control school costs that have saddled the youth with life long debts, a lack of credit to start their own businesses, no real governmental plans to aid trade imbalances or domestic growth, and growing corporatism among other factors has led to disillusionment from college grads to high school drop outs that still impedes their future.

While there may have been too many symptomatic issues to quickly understand root causes and solutions before being removed from the park, occupiers remain under the surface a socially interconnected, eclectic group that showed up as a voting bloc in 2012. These folks sense desperation with the status quo, are socially connected and, and still want an outcome they can rally around. In the scheme of things, the OWS movement has just begun its first round of a long boxing match.


In the beginning of a fight, opponents mix it up, jabbing and dodging, in attempts to find each other’s weaknesses. Only then, will they plan and implement their strategy for a knock out.  OWS was a first round. Sure they got their heads beat with batons and their eyes a little bit burnt with pepper spray, but they learned a lot about how the alpha male baby boomer deals with the millennial that will help them succeed in coming rounds. And at the end of round one, Millennials ran to the side of Obama and pushed his agenda forward, a sort of Pyrrhic victory for the time being as they lick their subservient, quietly waiting and assessing, wounds.  At some point, baby boomers will be supplanted, our policies will be replaced, and the hand fluttering variety of capitalistic democracy begun with OWS will have found its way.


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Sage Smudging Will Not Correct Our Inner City Feng Shui

Another day another school shooting, this time in California. Californians might suggest we burn sage. But smudging will not realign the feng shui of our burned out inner cities. Real investment in our people is what is required. Occupiers were drawn to the cities to find their voice. Rather than help them coalesce into a greater understanding that what they sought was a hopeful future and what was required could be obtained through reason, we tormented them with pepper spray showers. 

OWS was our Iran moment, our Arab spring. But this bubbling democracy of our voiceless youth was too messy. They said childish things that sounded too naively socialistic and purposeless. The danger was that they could be manipulated by a radically left wing conspiracy to seek out the assets of the elite, and this mob was too anarchist even for the Democratic mayors to tolerate so they were quashed. 

Yet they were at least able to express an instinct that this economic tsunami that washed so many good people out of their jobs was not equitable. They also instinctively knew that their dreams of owning their own homes and businesses had vanished for many for a generation. And they too could see the billions of criminal financial deals continuing to position investment houses to destroy people’s retirements while their government crawled impotently into a fetal position. Whether in gutted inner cities or in the childhood bedrooms of their parent’s homes from which they were now imprisoned, theirs would be a lost generation. 

And now, in the aftermath of what was to be a peaceful, nationwide demonstration intended to be a voice of reasoning, to allow an outlet of understanding in the wake of our economic disaster, now we see violent sparks of mass gun aggression like dangling wires on a cracked electric pole in the wake of a socially disturbed earthquake. We wonder if this is just the beginning of the damage we will uncover as the lost generation crawls out of the sewers. 

So here we are thirty five years after running into China, wondering what has happened but we can never get back what we lost and 2008 has taken what it has. We are where we are, gutted inner cities, a lost millennial generation, and all. We can hear the faint remnants of the occupiers as a call to reason but we instead choose to defiantly knee jerk into our further inner sanctum of a police state, righteously defending our turf from whatever ill will we perceive this karma to be. Perhaps, instead we can choose to reassess our point in life and choose to progress from here, to create a future for this generation, to give them hope.


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