The Richest Man in the World Explains Taxes to His Son

Best-Castle-Wedding-VenuesThe richest man in the world talks to his son about taxation and the lower kingdom of America….

Sitting on his father’s knee in the study, the little boy asks him, “Papa, why is there all this talk about taxes? Some say they are too much and others not enough.”

The father, realizing that he had not yet taught his son the power of taxation, replied, “Son, let me tell you about King George III.”

“Yes, a story about kings!”

“Well son, going back as far as the House of Stuart, kings told their people that all the land of the kingdom were owned by the kings and the peasants were to pay the kings to live on their lands. And so all the peasants paid the kings tribute”

“Just because kings told them to pay it?

“Yes son, in those days, people were much more obedient to kings and priests. Order was more important then than reason. The kings competed with each other and sent their explorers to America to lay claims on its land and to find gold. So King George III sent his gold explorers and knighted them as governors. He gave these lords claims to land in the new world for he has more interested in the gold.”

“They must have been important people.”

“They certainly became important people son. By extension of King George III rights to rule from God, he gave the land of the new world to these governors. As an extension of the king, he created the new royal families of America.”

“Are we a royal family?”

“Yes son, we are descendants of the direct lineage of King George III’s kingdom of God. This is our divine right to sit atop the kingdom of America.”

“But why if we are subject to the King of England, are we now kings ourselves or are we subject to him in this direct lineage to God?”

“Good question son…the royal families of America determined that we now had a new lineage, an isolationist view to the almighty. It was then that we severed the king’s hand that had reached toward our new kingdoms for taxes. We banded together in a confederacy of new world kingdoms. Our forefathers then devised a brilliant plan, the Constitution.”

“The document that makes all men equal in America Papa?”

“Yes that………… but uh, more importantly son, it created a oak floor below our upper kingdom. The Constitution crafted a lower kingdom with its own lower king, the President, who by our extension was granted the same lineage to God.”

“An oak floor, I don’t understand”

At the time of our revolution in 1776, the world had begun an age of reason. Men were now so called “enlightened”, which meant they no longer bowed to kings and priests but rather lopped off their heads in revolution. We used this new power in fact to start our own revolution and to isolate our kingdoms from the empire. But we were now the kings that could have our own heads lopped off.

“How terrible!”

“Err yes son, forgive my vulgar break with civility in describing those times, but yes it would have been quite terrible. So, rather than put our heads on the chopping block of the proletariat, we cloaked our kingdoms from them by building an oak floor between us and the masses. Beneath our floor, we placed a lower king of the lower kingdom, and named this lower king the President. We codified his diminished powers in the Constitution and carved up what a real king’s power would be amongst the House of the people and the judges who would administer our Constitution to thwart anyone who attempted to rise to the power of a real king. We then set up a lopping of the lower king’s head every four years to feed this new bloodthirsty nation of enlightened reason.”

“Lower kings got their heads cut off by the proletariat?!?”

“No son, we created the vote to symbolize this killing. This way, the enlightened proletariat felt they had a bloodthirsty say in their own governance, and yet our band of kingdoms were isolated from the threat of a populist king rising up to thwart our wealth. Our upper kingdom was thus forever preserved.”

“But what if the lower kingdom were to somehow rise up against our upper kingdom?”

“Son, the lower kingdom is maintained by our system of un-reason and non-enlightenment. We have held enlightenment in abeyance since the eighteenth century through our administration of the lower kingdom. We dictate to each new lower king and band of lower lords of the chambers of Congress (which we fill with our nieces and nephews) that they must not pursue any of the wealth of our upper kingdoms to run the lower kingdom but must instead collect their tributes from their minions in the lower kingdom.”

“And they listen?”

“Yes son, for power, even that of the lower kingdom is a musky motivator. We control the purse string to their elections and to the power of the lower kingdom through our banks. Through our banking portal we titled the Federal Reserve, we pass the lineage of power down to the lower cabinet and they in turn pass back to us the further enrichment of our upper kingdoms. By our banking instructions, the lower king and his band of lower lords then devise methods by which the serfs and non-land bearing servants will share in progressive/regressive forms of tribute from their labors to support the lower king and his band of lower lords in their dominion over the lower kingdom.”


“Very good…but most importantly son, your lesson for today is that they must not tax real wealth, land, water, minerals, rare metals, raw energy and the like, for this is our wealth, our kingdom. Instead, their taxation must be on the efforts of the lower kingdom, labor and its derivative income.”

“I see…that way our kingdom is preserved and continues to grow. But this seems unfair that the burden of our kingdom rests on the laborers below. Are there not those that bellow to tax real wealth Papa?”

“First son remember, our kingdom is handed down from God. It is the fairness of this lineage that burdens those below. Now to your question, Surely there are those that question this bipartite arrangement of kingdoms son…But the lower lords are instructed to explain that taxing real wealth will hurt the economy of the lower kingdom and jobs will be lost as a result”


“Yes son, the minions of the lower kingdom get their sustenance and self worth from jobs in businesses that borrow our real wealth to make products that comfort all and that display how far the age of reason has come. The lower kingdom measures this progress in Gross Domestic Product or GDP.”

“Oh, so GDP is a measure of progress….”

Hehe, not really son, the collection of real wealth is the measure of progress. Of course GDP does reflect the complexity of products that are made in the lower kingdom for the comfort of the masses in this generation to an extent. But that is a lesson for another day. For now, understand that GDP is like a mythical ball that floats above the lower kingdom and that all in the lower kingdom are enthralled to keep it levitating. Anyway, the lower lords argue for us that the upper kingdom should not be taxed for it will deter the growth of GDP, but that is a deflection from the truth that has satisfied the age of reason since our kingdoms began.”

“Is it reasonable for the masses to believe that taxing our wealth will cause a loss of jobs?”

“Yes son, for through our banking portal, we created a capital system where the lower kingdom must use our real wealth to create jobs and businesses. If they tax our real wealth, the belief is that it will not be available for the capital system. Yet in truth, only a fraction of our real wealth is used for GDP growth at any one time. Much more of it sits idly in our stable of wealth”

“Why would we let it sit idly when so many people do not have jobs or even enough to eat?”

“Son, I will teach you how I am building my wealth for you and your grandchildren and how you too must take the helm of this kingdom one day, but for now remember that we grow our kingdom by the principle of scarcity. Some must suffer and sacrifice so that we profit to grow our kingdom”

“But Papa, I still do not understand. You seem to be telling me that if only a portion of our real wealth is used to grow GDP, the lower kingdom could tax the rest without harming jobs.”

“Now you are beginning to see our kingdom more clearly, my son. Yes, the remainder could be taxed without negative impact to the economy. In fact, just the opposite is true. By taxing real wealth, more of our wealth would enter the lower kingdom’s economy and would spur their growth. The lower kingdom would break our bondage of scarcity.

For this concept they call GDP is really a reflection of man’s labor in the production of the products of this new age of enlightenment. Man builds transitory assets, combining our real wealth with knowledge and labor to create items of comfort to advance man’s happiness. No matter that all these products return to the dust from whence they came.”

“We like these products too Papa”

“Yes we do, for they do bring us comfort as well. But more importantly, when combined with a modest depletion of our real assets each year in the consumption of minerals, raw energy, the pollution of water and air, the warming of the earth, a bit of crop yield destruction through urban and suburban sprawl and mining, we sacrifice but a token of the earth to collect even more real wealth as our tribute for allowing the lower kingdom to grow GDP.”

“So the lower kingdom could grow GDP whether or not the upper kingdom is owned by us, right?”

“Yes son, taxing our real wealth merely moves it from our upper kingdom to the lower kingdom. It does not destroy real wealth or make it unavailable for GDP production. In fact, if used in our scarcity based capital system, taxing our real wealth makes it even more available for lower kingdom minions to use in increasing production. And this is why we must gird up the oak floor. It must never be penetrated. No populist lower king must every rise up. No real enlightenment must ever occur.”

“Would it not be easier Papa, instead of girding up the oak floor, to just slow the growth of our kingdom enough so that the lower kingdom can have enough jobs and enough to eat. That way, they would be happier and less likely to try to break through our oak floor?”

“From the mouth of babes”

The richest man in the world smiles….

“Run and play my son….”

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