The Richest Man In the World Teaches His Son About Governance

abraham-lincoln-reading-to-his-son-tad%5B1%5DImagine you are the ten year old son of one of the ten wealthiest people in the world and he has you on his knee about to begin your lessons. Is he going to teach you the educations of the masses?

No, he is going to explain the pyramid of power above the masses that you will be required to learn how to control as you take over his reign. In this pyramid, at the bottom there are the tens of thousands of businesses and local governments, above which are the few thousands CEOs of corporations that the lesser companies feed and the few hundred heads of state and kings that control the local governments and the armies of the world. Of course alongside these are the heads of the international banks that control the lesser banks. Above all these are the lesser noblemen in the band of 1,500 that control all the heads of state and their parliaments, the international bankers and their underlings, the mega corporations and their feeder corporations.

“These lesser nobles are your direct reports my son, the lesser lords. With their assistance in managing the affairs of the world, your path is to manage the pacification of 7 billion people to work on your behalf. They will toil for their meager share of the world’s wealth and they will trade with each other using the world’s currency that you control. You will, by agreement with governments, banks and corporations, take a share of every transaction in the world using this currency. Now listen closely my son. You will convert it quickly into real assets. Remember this. Do not hold onto currency for too long, for we use its devaluation to accumulate wealth as well.

Through the balancing of trade using currency creation and securitization of real property through property and estate laws, you will keep economies growing at a pace commensurate with your ability to exponentially secure our portion of the world’s wealth.”

“But Papa, why not just turn on the spigots of wealth creation? Why do we keep the world in scarcity of supply?”

“Son, the rules of capitalism require that the world’s masses be obfuscated as to the reality of currency creation. They must be pacified by the idea of existing capital is needed as a source of future capital growth so that our capital can participate in every future endeavor by mankind. They must be tolerant of the idea of interest. In this way, we collect a portion of every transaction in interest as well as with return on capital.

But if we turned on the spigot of currency formation absent the need for interest and capital participation, then mankind could build its future while cutting us out of a share of its expansion.”

“But why are they allowing us to take a pinch of every financial transaction now?”

“Son, it has to do with the fallacy of gold being needed to support currency. They just haven’t caught on yet that gold stopped being a part of our transactions 40 years ago, at least everybody but those pesky Chinese. They might be the ruin of our scheme yet.

Now run along and play. But don’t go play with the masses my child, for I don’t want you turning soft on you future responsibilities to direct your band of 1,500. Run along.”


So the middle class guy, his income averages $43,000 and his net worth is about $65,000. 150 million Americans have less wealth than this.

Then we have the upper management folks making $120,000 with net worths of $250,000.

Senior executives earn $350,000 an have net worths of $1,000,000.

As we climb the pyramid, we enter the stratosphere of what the little guy can see or contemplate. Those that make it to the very top spot in the feeder corporations, they jump to an annual compensation of $3 million with net worths of $10 million.

Continuing the climb, our fortune 500 CEOs average $14 million annual income with net worths of $100 million. This income is staggering for most humans to imagine.

But the true CEO giants, as far as we can see in the corporate world earned an average of $100 million compensation per year with net worths in the billions.

But really in terms of management of the world, these so called giants are really like middle management, along with the CEOs of countries and armies, their governmental counterparts.

President Obama, the “leader of the free world”, for instance earns a mere $400 thousand (1 million with investments) and has a net worth of about $10 million. His ranks about the highest of elected officials although a few rank higher. For instance, Singapore’s leader earns about $1.7 million. Most of the World’s elected top officials, however, earn less than upper middle management in private US companies.

So we continue up the food chain. Mere department heads in investment banks earn about $2.5 million per year. The average of the top fund managers earned about $800 million each last year. Yet these are the middle managers in the banking arena. They report to the bankers who run the bankers. These colonels in the world army report in various ways to the band of 1,500, the owners of 50% of the world’s wealth.

While not followed, their wealth averages over $100 billion and directs the world stage. These are the overlords that manage the world’s affairs, directing the banker’s bankers, and top of the pyramid CEOs to direct their underling bank and industry CEOs, that direct their government leaders and corresponding armies, all in the enterprise of capital accumulation and power.

And they report to the very very top of the food chain, among them the man whose lap his ten year old boy sits upon learning the lessons of world affairs.

So the Sergeant Majors on both sides of the aisles in both chambers of Congress instruct their underlings to start the clamoring over the increase in the tax rate of 3%. Should it be $250,000 or $1,000,000? Should we have chicken soup on Monday or corn beef hash?

Keep up the theater and rustle the masses. Beat the drums of political war and pass out the opiates to the middle class as we sweep in behind and gather up their taxes and their 401Ks, and skim value off their devalued homes and their new debt. Sing the song of fair taxation oh ye ushers of the age old church of unfettered capital as ye pass the collection plates full and place them on the alter of accumulation.

This noise we hear and count as our reality is the incantation of the witch doctor. It is the song that pacifies us to our station amongst the masses counting in the billions. As far as we know, those powerful elites that live their daily lives perched above the sergeants in the world’s army that we know as Prime Ministers and Kings, well they must exist in the clouds, like the mythical 12 gods atop Mt. Olympus.

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