Constitutional Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

ImageWas anyone shocked at the overreaching force applied on the peaceful Occupy protesters in 2011? I was. It was a data point for me that expediency has taken the place of democracy in some minds (the trains must run on time). Is it possible that it may be time to reset our thinking, to readjust our barometer of just force just a bit?

After WWII, America determined that we would not be subject to another world war. We determined that we would create the most powerful military the world had ever seen. Over time, we determined that it was our duty to the world to use this military for good as we determined it to be. We determined since then to invade 66 of the world’s 197 countries as part of our policy of peace through strength.

Now frankly, after seeing this summary in an instant, I was a bit shocked for that is over a third of the world’s sovereign nations and that is a pretty significant number whatever the cause, whether just or not. Is it odd to me, however, that I find myself over and over seeing the strange bedfellows politics makes. Why is it, for instance, that the same people who would normally be complaining about how the U.S. government has overreached in its policies that suggest invading 66 sovereign nations is a good thing (whether for good cause or not), but that these same people would vehemently argue the sentiment that it is simply an impossibility that this same country, the one that might have been a tad bit rough on peaceful occupy demonstrators, could ever possibly overreach in its own backyard?

Is it possible that they could not even conceive an inkling of a thought that the second amendment is justifiable under the circumstances? Or is it more likely that two party politics just makes strange bedfellows? Why is it that logic cannot prevail? Perhaps it is because logic, if applied within the construct of presidential elections every four years, cannot develop a 50% coalltion.

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