Will a Sex Scandal (terrorist act?) Collapse Our Military Budget

General Allen, who is now commanding our forces in Afghanistan, sent 30,000 pages of personal emails to Jill Kelly, a married socialite and mother of three, during the two year period he has been conducting the Afghanistan war. Ms. Kelly turned General Patraeus, head of America’s Central Intelligence Agency over to the FBI when she received threatening emails from Paula Broadwell, Patraes’s mistress.

Now 30,000 pages amounts to General Allen writing three pages of personal emails to Jill Kelly for every hour of every day of every month that the General was awake in Afghanistan. Not judging his need for personal relations with Jill Kelly, but is anyone concerned that the commander of our armed forces spent this much time not focused on the critical issues of his command?

It has come out that General Allen’s emails were of a “flirtatious nature.” We tend to think our Generals are like steel sheets, unaffected by the horrors of war. Yet three pages of emails per hour per every day of the year seems more like an obsessive response of PTSD to try to forget about how war affects one. I do not see how he can take on his next, larger assignment after displaying such a distracted attention to the men and women in harm’s way in Afghanistan.

America’s two top military officials have been taken down, not by their dalliances, but by the bizarre connection these affairs had to Ms. Kelly. Ms. Broadwell accused Ms. Kelly of “squeezing the General’s leg” under the table. If true, how did Ms. Kelly gain such “close” access to America’s chief spy?

Why would Ms. Kelly be involved so deeply in the lives of America’s top military officials? Why did this married mother of three have such access to and encourage such a distraction like 30,000 pages of emails during America’s war when so many soldiers are in harm’s way? Did Ms. Broadwell’s affair uncover a sexterrorist cell in Tampa? Or Did Ms. Broadwell believe she was instead a patriot helping our nation’s military leaders deal with the stress of war?

And why would Ms. Kelly run to her connection in the FBI when her hand-on-thigh movement was uncovered? Why would this yet undisclosed FBI agent uncover his torso and send pictures to Ms. Kelly? And why would the naked torso FBI agent circumvent his superiors and go to Congress when he felt they would cover up not only his torso but Patraeus’ thigh and Allen’s flirty emails? What is it about this woman that has made all these men cuckoo? And why is this perhaps unintended espionage coming out in the midst of the single most critical debate about the future of our nation’s military budget.

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