American Soldier’s Valentine, 2012

I crawled into that tunnel armed with pistol and a knife.
For my country’s freedom, gave all I had, my life.

Forget me not my valentine,
Indeed I showed you valor.
I only ask my love for you
be honored, and to matter.

For love of country fought I and died, her future now I keep.
You sent me here, now honor her, else price I paid too steep.
Yes I and fathoms more took armaments and won
to hold dear freedoms up lest they be trampled on.

Forget me not my valentine,
Apathy shreds heart asunder.
I bled red America, no more to give,
Fight back, they dare not plunder.

Standing here at Freedom’s Gate, I questioned not my duty.
Love unrequited, still I held my post, dying felt my country’s beauty.
A soldier’s fate to serve his God and country, plus fellow near…
Please America, this day remember to keep us soldiers dear.

Add sweat and tears of charity to blood that we may give.
Together, pledge shared sacrifice, America must live.

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One response to “American Soldier’s Valentine, 2012

  1. Mry F. Carothers

    That is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with us. Love, mom

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