Complementary Critical Issues to America’s Survival Requires Simultaneous Duel Movements

Amorphous political movements typically begin with or acquire organizers and financial backers that attempt to gain power and profit from them. Sometimes they are successful like the Bolsheviks, and can turn an entire nation on a destructive path. The Koch Brothers certainly aligned their principles when funding the Tea party movement, and in fact through their organization they included in the Tea Party’s agenda free market and low tax principles that advanced global capitalism, further jeopardizing the very people they organized. This bizarre result is a true testimony to the power of political strategists and organizers.

Similarly, the beginning of Occupy Wall Street was started by Marxist-Leninist groups including A.N.S.W.E.R. who hope to gain from this amorphous movement to advance their agenda as well. If they are successful, they will place proponents of their extreme views into the political process. However, the vast majority of people who support the idea of Occupy Wall Street are in no way Marxist-Leninists just as the vast majority of Tea Partiers are in no way global capitalists.

The threat is that these groups can be manipulated by their organizers. The opportunity is that these groups can advance agenda that is extremely helpful to America. The Tea Party has brought America’s bloated and unsustainable budget to the forefront of American debate. I expect that Occupy Wall Street will bring the financial kidnapping of America’s Constitutional Republic by Global Capitalists to the forefront of the debate as well.

Both movements will pursue complementary critical issues to America’s survival, critical enough to warrant mass protests. Their duel movements will share America’s attention until their vital issues are resolved. When they are, America will return to sobriety and will right our course with elitist global capitalists and communists in check.

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