America’s Baby Booming Bombers and Bongites Must Agree That Our Babies Will Not Be Burdened by our Budget Battle!

With a country whose budget is not sustainable, responsible citizens would and should have a national debate about the level of entitlements, social services and military that we will have. When 43 cents of every dollar spent by the U.S. government is borrowed, we know that we are increasing the burden of taxpayers who will later replace us in the national debt repayment cycle. Yet are we really going to continue to argue about cutting spending?

With both our WWII vets and flower children of the 70’s arguing about the right direction for the country, neither could gain an extremist lead in Congress so instead of compromise, both stomped their feet for more military, and more socialism, and more freedom from our own debts. Certainly we knew our parents had spent a few years out of WWII making up for lost time and had achieved as a result a glorious human bubble of baby boomers clogging the political system and speeding down the pipeline toward retirement. Yet did we plan for such drains on the entitlement system? No!

Instead, we decided that we wanted what we wanted when we wanted it, including too high a level of socialism and imperialism combined. We reduced our population growth claiming it was over our concern for how the earth’s environment would fare around the time that our replacement taxpayers would begin drudgingly repaying our debts, yet we really knew that it was so we could pursue our higher level of consciousness, and of course “living in the moment man” without planning an exit strategy.

So, I am afraid my comrades that we must join our brethren from Europe and rip the red bands from our socialist arms because we binged on heady levels that would kill a purist Libertarian who had not been tripping along with us for the past three decades. And for those who want to police the world without paying the cost of intercontinental squad cars, we must adjust our world views to the size of our pocket books lest we are left without the ability to defend even our own shores.

p.s. I made up the word bongite…refers to one who uses a bong

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