Celebrating My 100th Post!

Six months ago, I awoke from a dream knowing that something was amiss in America and that I must do my part to help. America’s legs had been knocked out from under her and the folks I knew were looking around in bewilderment at what had become of their nation. In a sudden burst of thought, I knew I must go on a journey of public expression and take that wherever it might go until I reached the end of the road. I hopped on this social media highway and have since undertaken a nightly ritual to clarify issues surrounding America’s troubles, and to write my thoughts with clarity of purpose.

I truly woke from that December dream with a simple concept that all able Americans should be able to work and that full employment was best for all Americans. It was the basis of my job voucher plan. A few bloggers asked questions of my plan that led to more answers that uncovered issues that led to a greater understanding that connected interweaving thoughts to help me clarify the issues surrounding our troubles. 100 posts later, I have just begun to clarify for myself and hopefully for a few readers a greater understanding of the world’s evolvement and its effect on America’s predicament.

I want to thank all who have added to my thoughts with their posts, their insights, and their questions. Pleaase comment and let me know you are on the road with me. I have now after six months begun to add prescriptions for America and I pledge to continue blogging my incremental thoughts until the end of the road is reached. The basic economic and political building blocks that I need for my continuing journey are neatly tucked away in my mental backpack. Each night, I promise to continue pulling them out, examining them, and finding nooks and crannies of new insights to share with you.

I will continue down this road until I come to where the road juts out onto the peninsula surrounded by the great ocean of tomorrow. I will travel down this road until my writing seems like it clearly and finally rests at the edge of the sea bounded on three sides by our expansive future. Until then….

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