American Predator and Prey Must Rise together Against The Cattlemen

June is the month when the plains of the Serengeti face drought and massive herds of wildebeest begin their migration to sustaining grazing areas. 1.5 million strong, their great migration is followed by predators that feed off the weak, young, and elderly of the herd. Yet the wildebeests produce a swarm intelligence, defending the herd as one against the onslaught of those that would attempt to separate the weak from the rest. This herd instinct protected the wildebeest through thousands of years of predatory balance with lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards and crocodiles, yet the wildebeests were not prepared for man and his fences. Between 1950 and 1984, the species lost 94 % of its numbers in South Africa, when fences blocked its migratory paths.

We continue to hear about the dwindling American middle class, our great herd migrating through the political seasons. The Great Middle of America continues to be the food stock of political predators, yet it faces a much greater danger of shrinking from foreign fencing placed by international banking and multinational corporations. If our Great American Middle is to survive, we must now use our swarm intelligence not only to protect from our common political predators, but to rise above the fate of the wildebeest and overcome the greater threat to our ecosystem.

Just as lions run through a herd of wildebeest to separate out the weakest prey, our political extremists seek to divide the herd through stereotypical “Willie Horton” attacks and to prey on the weakest of us. It is the nature of the American two-party political wilderness. For any extremist to succeed, they must find the balance within the Great Middle and tip it through distortions and spin through herd mentality to their view if they ever expect to feast on wildebeest.

Charging headlong into the herd, they slander race and religion to divide and conquer. Education, color of collar, age, sexual orientation, status, income, even patriotism has come under verbal attack to effectively divide. These are the ideological tactics to scatter the herd of Great Middle to the edges so that predators of extreme ideology may tear apart the flesh of the weakest for sustenance. As the Great Middle scatters, it diminishes.

Stampeding wildebeest confuse their predators by their sheer numbers. As we migrate through the political seasons, the Great Middle’s swarm intelligence must overcome political extremists’ use of herd mentality to separate. Stampede the herd! Test extremists as to their proximity to the constitution, and the furtherance of our country, by their neglect of our downtrodden and of the voiceless in America, and by their common defense against fencing.

The great migration of wildebeest and predators is an ecosystem threatened by fences built to deny its very existence. Cattlemen wanting to protect graze lands for financially motivated cattle herds foreign to the Great Plains, erected fencing for their narrow self interests. As the health of the wildebeest herd diminishes, so too does the health of predators. Lions are endangered with numbers dwindling below thirty thousand.

The American ecosystem, with its Great Middle and extremists must now also be protected. We sense endangerment, yet distracted from the predation of extremists, we do not yet have the tools to protect America from foreign fencing put up to disrupt our political migration. With international banking and MNCs redirecting markets, production, financing and wealth away from America, both extremists and middle America must rise above instinctual predator and prey responses to defend our country against foreign invasion and financial treason or our Great Middle migration will end and the American ecosystem will fail.

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